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Hi, I'm Lauren - Loopy Lauren! I'm eleven years old and I live in Northampton, England. I have lived in Northampton all my life and I love it here :) I have two guinea pigs called Charlie and Toto, and although I love them soooo much it's a shame I got them instead of a dog - I've wanted a canine friend since I was four, and I first started school. I have a seven year old brother called Lewis, who's quite annoying at times. I just love writing stories, and I hope to be an author one day.

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There are lots of pages on this blog! If you go to the "My Friends" page, you can see funny pictures of me and my BBFs, and if you go to the "My Pets" page you can see my guinea pigs, Charlie and Toto, and visit their blog. There's also a diary on the "My Diary" page. Oh, and there's a "More About Me" page on top of all that. Enjoy!

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