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...are my much-loved pet guinea pigs. They have their own blog Charlie and Toto - The Giggle-Pigs' Blog and they love me for making it for them.
CHARLIE (TUFTY)...... a lovable, caring crested guinea pig who, although he runs away from everyone, in sweet, gentle, and loves his food. His nickname is Tufty because of the fuzzy crest on his head.
TOTO (BUCKAROO)....... my other guinea piggy. He is a rare breed called an argente, and is identicle to the standard self exept that his eyes are red. Unlike Charlie, he isn't a very calm guinea pig, and he never backs down from a fight. He is very sweet really though and him and Tufty are a team. He's the leader of the two, and usually when the water bottle has been filled Charlie won't drink until Toto has finished! His nickname is Buckaroo because when he doesn't want to be picked up he'll kick out his back legs like the horse in the old game Buckaroo.

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