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Here's my online diary! Every day (well, at least once a week) I'll put on a diary entry (with smilies and piccies and stuff of course). Some days may be brill, some may be boring, so beware!
25th December 2012 - Christmas

Hi everyone! I'm sooooo happy because today is Christmas! Saint Nick (Santa) arrived last night and gave me the best pressies ever! I've got a Bop-it (it's an electronic game thing), a covef for my Kindle (it's a tablet which you download eBooks onto), a Xbox 360 game called UDraw, a pack of pencils and pens....I just can't fit it all on! Charlie and Toto got their pressies early, but they did have all they can eat today! What did you get for Christmas? Reply in the forum!
1st January 2013 - New Year's Day

Wooohooo! Hello 2013!!! Soooo happy right now! As you've probably gathered, it's New Year's day right now in Britain. I think this calls for a special great dane animation:

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