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+_+:Oooh, I wonder what interesting and fun things Singapore has!!!
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**Intro on SINGAPORE...**

Ah... Living in Singapore has many interesting stuff. However, it's very hot. Orchard Rd, the busiest place during Christmas and in the city. Chinatown the most crowded place during CNY(Chinese New Year). Shopping are the most things done around there. Aaaaaaand, not to forget Singapore's food... Mmm, we have the Food Expo every year, Nasi Lemak, Chili Crabs, Moon cakes etc. They are musts. Plus books. We have our National Library and stuff, not to forget the yearly Bookfest. Last but not least, drumrolllllsssss, the nature!!! We have the Night Safari, the Singapore Zoological Gardens, the Jurong Birdpark with a huge variety of birds, and the NParks parks around the neighbourhood for everyone and the Botanical Gardens...(also under NParks)
Oops! I forgot about the arts. There's a very famous place...The Esplanade and also the botanical gardens-sometimes. It's a real Scene In Singapore!!!

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These are the symbols of a small country named Singapore in South-east asia region(except for the emoticon). The Flag has five stars that represent the nation's ideals of democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality and the waxing crescent moon represents a young nation on the ascendant. The colour red on all the symbols symbolises the "universal brotherhood and equality of man", while the colour white symbolises the "pervading and everlasting purity and virtue"(except for the orchid-Vanda Miss Joaquim and the merlion).

(Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles picture taken from Wikipedia)

Singapore's modern founder was Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles. Sang Nila Utama was a legend that might be true. Raffles saw Singapore as a strategic geographical trading spot in Southeast Asia. Sir Stamford Raffles than sailed to Singapore and as he wanted to make this small fishing village always remain as a free port and a British trading settlement. He arrived at the island, at the mouth 'Singapore River' with a fleet of seven ships and his men and found out that Temenggong (Malay term for Chief)Abdul Rahman was in charged of the island. Orang Laut and Chinese lived near the village. Raffles was impressed at what he had saw in Singapore. Raffles could imagine that Singapore would grow into a prosperous port with many people coming to trade.

He then went to see the Temenggong to settle the treaty but the island did not belong to him, it belonged to the Sultan of Johor who had just died. However, he had two sons. He than invited the elder brother back to Singapore to discuss it over to recognise him as the Sultan of Johor. His name was Tengku(Malay term for prince) Hussein. Tengku Hussien agreed and a ceremony was held to installhim as Sultan Hussien. At the ceremony, Raffles, Sultan Hussien and Temenggong signed the treaty.The British would then have to pay the Sultan large sums of money every year.

(Major William Farquhar' s picture taken from Wikipedia)

Raffles left shortly after signing the treaty. Major William Farquhar, Raffle' s assistant was put in charge of the new trading settlement and had encountered many different difficulties...

Many people liked coming here to trade as there is free trade and it is a free port. There were no police forces, had many pests and rats etc., so Farquhar had to solve them with a few innovative ideas.

Major problems were pirates who attack boats and Chinese junk ships out at sea and rob them at knife-point in broad daylight. The governing by Farquhar was good enough so as to stop them from robbing others... It' s really lucky that people like us living now do not have to suffer so much.(phew)
The Main Picture;)
Where in the WORLD is Singapore!?!

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Singapore is in the South East Asian region with many neighbours such as Indonesia, Malaysia are among the closest. There is the map above with tracks and stuff over Singapore. Actually, its very small and to other countries we are just a small tiny ant that they could just easily defeat. We are small but strong. We are only a small dot if you decide to see for yourself and check the map...Hope you succeed in finding us(Singapore)!
Disastrous Wars(*$)

(World War II memorial site picture taken from musomucco on Flickr)

The painful event let to the loss of our ancestors. Now, that was the most important memorial site in Singapore. Those who died, died to protect us. Anyway, that was the World War II which we fought againts the Japanese who came in from the Causeway which has historical stuff. There is a museum at the Kent Ridge Park at The Reflections of Bukit Chandu. Do you know why I put that sign on the title. Its the dollars sign which is what we use to represent our money here. It means that you need money to go in only on "special days" then they have free entry.
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