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(The logo's of the Singapore Zoological Gardens, Singapore Night Safari, Singapore Bird Park picture taken from
Singapore's Jurong Bird Park:
With the World's largest Man-Made Waterfall!

(A very tall King Penguin's picture taken from

You might by all means think that I am being a braggart but it is true that the there is the largest man-made waterfall. There are amazing number of birds flying, drinking, and stuff! There are also an amazing number of lorries(parrots) which we can feed with water and food. There is even a place that is something like a kampong. It is among the three most interesting places to go when in Singapore. There are also the well-loved mascots which perform with real birds. There are also shows staring the (real one of course) birds with the trainers at the amphitheater. There are also many waterfalls. Queen Elizabeth II even visited the Waterfall Aviary shortly after the opening of the Bird Park. Oh my, I can't stand all the birds anymore, there are so many interesting things here and I can't even finish exploring it in a day. Ahhh! There's also a souvenirs shop. I also went there twice or thrice or so and I went to see the lorries and went near them but I was so scared they shit on me. It was lucky they did not. There are also some dark places which are supposed to be dark so please do not bring a torchlight and shine it around! I liked the penguins the most. They were making sounds and swimming so fast. I also did not finish looking at all the things. I think there's a Bird's Eye Tour...And...and... ...
The Singapore Zoological Gardens(locally known as Mandai Zoo):
Has many Amazing Scenes!

(The Orang Utan(Ah Meng) who was a great iconic figure in the zoo...picture taken from

It was very tragic when Ah Meng died. He died with a healthy and strong body with old age.She was already 48 years old when she died. Even I was surprised that she died. Many Singaporeans were sad as it was like already born before themselves. The zoological gardens even made a statue to remember her. There is also Inuka and Sheiba who were and are still stars as Inuka was the first male polar bear to be born in the tropics and also the first pair of polar bears to come here. I also loved the feeding time when I was younger and would ask my parents along with my brother to bring me there. Not only could we see the furry polar bear in action waving and trying to catch food but could also listen to the keeper explaining how the polar bears actually live in such a hot climate??? The answers lies in having a large, 3.5-metre deep pool to allow the polar bears to cool off, an air-conditioned den and a separate cubbing den for rearing cubs. They are on the brink of extinction(endangered) in the north pole so it is loved and cared by everyone as how could such a cute thing get extinct...They also have many other animals including the endangered white tigers, elephants, snakes, baboons, monkeys, penguins, giraffes, rabbits, tigers, deers, butterflies, pigs...
The Night Safari:
Featuring Nocturnal Animals From The Wild

(Leopard-cat's picture taken from

This place is a very dark and exciting place as there are many animals in the dark which hunt for food, catch their prey! I have not been there before but I know that it is very nice with special lights to make sure that visitors can get a good view while sitting in the tramp or walking. However, please do not think that you are really going into wildlife! There is a huge and deep river between the wild animal and you, other than that, there is also a fence and it is perfectly safe unless you do something like throwing rocks and irritating it. This place only opens in the evening and visitors come as early as one hour before to queue at first to get the tickets. We can learn more about wildlife and about the animal. Having so many interesting things in Singapore, I feel so proud being a Singaporean and I also hope to visit the Night Safari one day... But, that is another story. We can also join the camping activities and some educational stuff to learn more than just from words and textbooks. Some animals that can be found here are hyenas, elephants, bharal also known as blue sheep, sheep, greater one-horned rhinoceros, asian deer, pelican, golden jackal and more... ...
The 'Singapore *Durian'!

(The spiky Esplanade picture taken from

*Do you know what's a durian? It is actually a very nice fruit with spikes which only grows in a tropical climate like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, but to some people it stinks.(not to me) It is green in colour and it has yellow flesh wrapping the seed inside. But you must learn how to cut open the shell before you actually get to start eating. The most famous type in Singapore the 'D24'. Not because it's nice that's why we name it D24. It just happened to be the number 24. All durians have a very strong smell. The most famous place to buy durians in Singapore is Geylang(it's an impression). Anyway, durians are very delicious and it's a thumbs-up!

Now is still not the time to talk about durians,okay?(actually that's not an option)
The Esplanade is a very nice an artistic place. There are sometimes art works presented here in the Esplanade and it also showcases a number of shows and plays. There are also many types such as ballet, singing, dancing, music etc. My friends performed there once on singing and ballet. There are many events for the old and young at heart. It contains a 1,600 seat concert hall and a 2,000 seat theatre for the performing arts. It is a waterside building and is located on six hectares of the waterfront land alongside the Marina Bay(shopping is famous and not to forget food and fun) near the mouth of Singapore River(longest river in Singapore). I went there once with my ballet teacher and friends to watch Swan Lake(ballet dancing), it was spectacular as the people could do such acts. My friends and I were in awe!!! The acts there are a little expensive but is worth it!!!
Wide Range of Stamps+Many Fun Facts

(Singapore Philatelic Museum taken from Shawn Wong on Flickr)

This is the Singapore Philatelic Museum which has a very large collection of stamps and wonderful tips and facts on stamps which would amaze and leave you in awe! There are many types and sizes of stamps and there are also many galleries to see. I went there once and I saw many stamps as well as some places in the place which sell stamps! Now there is even a Star Wars Miniature mail-box for sale! There are many other stuff too, but there is also one place where all the stamps have cartoon characters if I am not mistaken. Talking about colourful and beautiful stamps, I also do stamps collecting at home. Some of the countries are Japan, New Zealand, Singapore-local stamps... ...
Hope you have fun there!!!

World's Largest Ferris-Wheel!

(Singapore Flyer looming in the dusk's picture at

You should be in awe, right. That might be because you may think that such a small country like Singapore can actually make such a big Ferris-wheel or you might also think that no, London's Ferris-wheel is the largest... ...

Singapore is very honoured and joyous that we could do such a great job. I have not been there before but there are many restaurants below the Ferries-wheel too. I know from what I heard that it was a 30 min for a whole round. It has big capsules that serve drinks and food. There is also an intercom so that you could ask what was going on if there was anything happening. It is very expensive but many people still want to get a ride up there! The night view is best or better so most people prefer night rides.

It's very famous and it is quite scary if you are afraid of heights it is not very good 'cause there is no toilet for you to lubricate or vomit.(Hope you do not have it)
^_^: Wait, please continue as there are more amazing stuff coming up!!!

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