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Road-Side Stalls to Hawker Centers

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Groooaaannn!I'm Hungry!!! I need food!
Lau Pa Sat or also known as Telok Ayer Market is a very famous and old hawker center or food center was actually a market last time. In Chinese it is known as 老巴刹(old market). I am also very amazed that they could keep it in such a good condition. It has very nice and delicious food and there is a lot of smoke because woks and large fires are used in there! It is clean and it has a variety of stalls there and is well-loved by many... The place is a historic building in Singapore, and is located in Downtown Core within the Central Area, Singapore's central business district(C.B.D). It has a Victorian-like structure and has a distinctive clock tower on the roof which is very beautiful and is also white in colour. The market's unique, octagonal, cast-iron structure is delicate in its execution, and was designed by James MacRitchie. WOW, I wonder how he managed to design such a nice building.
Foodie, Foodie, Food!!! Mmmm...

(Simpons-homer eating

I am now going to introduce you to some tasty and delicious food. From satay to kebab, from fish ball noodles to laksa, and from chilli crab to sashimi. These are the famous foods in Singapore.


First up is Chinese food in Singapore. Some of the more famous and well-liked Chinese food here in Singapore are Wonton Noodles(云吞面),Fish Ball Noodles(鱼丸面), Fried Kway Teow(炒馃条), Fish Porridge(鱼粥)... ...

MALAY Cuisine

Malay food is a very traditional religion and the traditional way to have their rice is by using your right hand to eat. They also cannot drink alchohol and they cannot eat pork(pig's meat)too. That is because they feel that the pig is a very dirty animal. Some of the Malays famous and well-loved food are Nasi Lemak(耶浆饭), Mee Rebus(made of yellow noodles), Mee Siam(made of vermicelli)... ...

INDIAN Cuisine

Indian food is normally added with many types of spices. They also like spicy stuff. Some of the Indians who are Hindus cannot eat beef(cow's meat) or even random meat as they believe that the cow is their god. Some of the famous and well-loved food is Tandoori Chicken, Nasi Brani, Roti Prata... ...


Peranakans are actually descendants of early Chinese migrants who settled in Penang, Malacca and Singapore, inter-marrying with local Malays. The women would be called Nonyas(nyonyas in the olden days), the men would than be called Baba. Some of the famous and well-loved food is the Otak-otak(spicy and non-spicy), Laksa(spicy), Kuehs(sweet)... ...
To Be Continued

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