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! Like thousands of participants, promote the Convention on the Rights of the Child. - INVITATION

You are teachers, animators, teachers...
You are an individual of from 3 to 115 years old or more,
You live out France,
You are sensitive to the Rights of the children in your country, in the world,
You like to draw, you like to create, you like action...
Participate, make participate in "international contest of posters on the rights of the child"

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Project: International contest of posters on the rights of the child

Context of the project
Since 1997, the Francas, federation of popular education working for children and youth, have been carrying out a project, through a poster contest "Act for your rights" aiming to collect and promote the word of children and young people around the world. their knowledge of CRC.
In this context, and taking into account the anniversary of the thirty years of the CRC in all the States, the Francas of Tarn-et-Garonne wish to widen this project by organizing a competition of posters on the international scale.
Thus, encouraged by the success achieved in Côte d'Ivoire (see below), we, members of the departmental association of the Francas of Tarn-et-Garonne, have the ambition to initiate the realization of an exhibition posters on the rights of the child at the UN premises in New York and to develop the competition in all countries.
Thus, every year, from 2019, in each State, youth structures, schools, colleges ... are invited to participate and produce works that are inherent to children's rights.
A selection of the posters created, representative of the panel of international works, will be made in each country and the selection will be exposed, for valorization.
- Promote the rights of the chidl,
- Make their rights known to children,
- Raising awareness among decision-makers about children's well-being at the global level.
Contest rules (for participants)
The rules of the contest are simple and accessible to all:
1) The objective of the contest is to promote the CRC among adults as children, with reference to its article 42,
2) The competition is run in each country by an institution or association,
3) The contest is open to all, no age limit,
4) The participants are classified in 5 categories:
- Category 1: children under 6 (kindergarten),
- Category 2: children from 6 to 11 years old (primary school),
- Category 3: children from 11 to 15 years old (college),
- Category 4: young people aged 15 to 18 (high school),
- Category 5: over 18 years old.

These categories may be slightly modulated according to the educational levels of each country.
5) Participants can create a poster individually or in groups,
6) The poster must:
- Be in A3 format (29.7 x 41 cm) - portrait or landscape,
- Include a slogan (height of the letters: 2.5 cm minimum),
- The slogan will be in the official language of the country or one of the official or local languages ​​of the country or Esperanto.
- The slogan will be illustrated without relief by a drawing, a painting, photos or any other technique (flat),
- The poster will be accompanied by an explanatory text (in the same language as the slogan).
7) The dates and the local modalities of the contest (registrations, selections ...) are defined by the institution or the association which controls the contest,
8) For each country, each year on a fixed date, a poster of each category is selected and sent to the UN for display,
9) Locally, the institution or association that leads the contest, organizes any event that can promote this contest and disseminates by any means information about the contest (dates, venues, results ...).
Valorization of works
Any means will be used to promote all achievements (radio, television, Internet, newspapers ...).
The departmental association of the Francas of Tarn-et-Garonne will be the permanent relay to accompany the participants, in particular during the start of the contest in a country.
Origin of the project, some key dates
1996: The Francas of Seine-Saint-Denis organize the first national day of the rights of the child: 6500 children and adolescents of 26 communes of the department of Seine-Saint-Denis. The Francas of Seine-Saint-Denis initiate the rally "Tous droits devant": game points in the city to allow children and adolescents to recognize and have their rights recognized.
1997: 6600 participants, 198 structures and 36 municipalities of the department of Seine-Saint-Denis. Four actions are put in place on the communes of the department: a rally, a big game of sensitization, the general states "Rights of the child" and the contest of posters "Act for your rights".
2003: The poster competition becomes international: 6747 participants, 1995 posters, 99 municipalities of 12 countries: France, Germany, Cameroon, Estonia, Gabon, Mali, Malta, Palestine, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Russia.
2006: 13245 participants, 2796 posters, 210 municipalities in 6 countries: France, India, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Romania, Russia. First participation of the departmental association of the Francas of Tarn-et-Garonne.
2009: 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child: 36731 participants, 7798 posters from 31 countries: France, Algeria, Germany, England, Austria, Belgium, Benin, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, China , Scotland, Egypt, Spain, Guinea, Hungary, India, Japan, Lebanon, Mali, Morocco, Moldova, Niger, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Senegal, Sweden, Tunisia. This action benefits from the patronage of the Ministry of National Education.
2012: 30882 participants, 6063 posters from 8 countries: France, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Canada, Ivory Coast, Mali, Mexico, Romania. 1st participation of the association "Friendship in friendship" of Ivory Coast.
An example trigger: first steps in Ivory Coast
In 2012, the association "Friendship in friendship" launches into the contest with the participation of a child who will be the winner of the contest.
Friendship in friendship! That name sounds pleasant to the ears!
Within the association "friendship in friendship", Mrs Bernadette ALLAGLO works for the rights of the child by involving children and young adults in the international poster competition on the rights of the child « Act for your rights "organized by the national federation of the Francas.
Objectives of the association
Promote correspondence between students and students in order to strengthen the bonds of friendship between them.
To develop and promote, by all means culturally and educationally, unity in a diversity of culture.
The Ivorian contest by the Ivorians
In 2016, we questioned the meaning of the project and the fairness of a selection of Ivorian posters by the Francas of Tarn-et-Garonne, thus, a national contest was carried by the association "friendship in the friendship "before sending us their selection.
In 2017, we received a selection of 6 posters from Côte d'Ivoire, one of which is the winner of the competition.
Since then, Ivorians have organized the contest in a larger party setting. A party is organized during the selection of posters that participate directly in the national final in France.
Note that these posters are only passing through the departmental association of the Francas of Tarn-et-Garonne, which sends them to the national for the final. These posters are then returned to us.
The partnership continues then, since achievements of Tarn-et-Garonne are selected with the agreement of their authors and are offered to our Ivorian friends.

"By playing, I assert my right to play" - ANIM'82 - 2011

"We are the children of the Earth, we have the same rights" - ANIM'82 - 2009

In 2017, more than 25000 candidates accomplished more than 6000 posters.
In family, in association, in class or only one, you can participate in contest 2018.
If you live in France, contact FRANCAS of your department.
If you live out of France, send an electronic mail in: dlm.ciade.2012(Arobase) and we shall accompany you in the realization of your poster.
You can invite your friends, your class...

Project: Towards a permanent exhibition of posters on the rights of the child at the UN

French site

"the same dreams, the same rights" - 2010

"I need to play" - Zhang XIAOTONG - CHINE - 2009

"Mum, I help you and afterwards I play"
ATLAS AIN LEUH school - MOROCCO - 2009

"In my dream, us laugh because all children play"
ATLAS AIN LEUH school - MOROCCO - 2009

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