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! Like thousands of participants, promote the Convention on the Rights of the Child. - YOUR ACCOMPANIST



Daniel LACROZE-MARTY will accompany you throughout the realization of your poster. Do not hesitate to ask him all questions which you want: he will answer you with all enthusiasm which characterizes it.

Daniel lives in a small village of 540 inhabitants, north of TOULOUSE (FRANCE) from 1970 till 1994, he exercised several jobs: land surveyor, technician for the conflict against pollutions...

Since 1995, he is coordinator of sociocultural activities. He worked in several associative or communal structures. He exercised functions of animator, Manager in leisure centres for children, of holiday centres, of quarters of small cities and schools.

Daniel also accompanied pupils and schoolboys in their studies (help to duties, scholastic support). With associations « ANIM ' 82 » and « Eŭropo, man'en mano », he created several demonstrations (exhibitions, conferences - debates, programs radio) on the European Union, the euro...

His free time is gardening, peach, astronomy, photograph of flowers and animals, community life, collections of stamps and currencies...

He is Vice-president of the association "FRANCAS of TARN et GARONNE" loaded with the rights of the child. For several years, he participates actively in the days of the Rights of the child co-organized by "FRANCAS" and "Défenseure des Enfants".
He adapts games on the topic of the rights of the child (format PDF) - game of the 7 families, game of the 5 families, crosses the good card, from PIRD to CIDE, game of memory, game of groupings, wishes and needs...

"I like you to benefit from all your rights"
ATLAS AIN LEUH school - MOROCCO - 2009

"I have the right to learn to write" - Laureat 2010

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! Like thousands of participants, promote the Convention on the Rights of the Child. - YOUR ACCOMPANIST (Countries of the World)    -    Author : Daniel - France

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