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! Like thousands of participants, promote the Convention on the Rights of the Child. - THE ASSOCIATION 'LES FRANCAS'


"I know that one never know, fight it for justice" - Laurie HUMBLET - BELGIUM - 2009

Popular education movement, the National Federation of Francas is a supplementary school, state-approved and approved by the Ministries of Education, and Health, Youth, Sports and the Associative life.
The Francas working with 77 NGOs in 45 countries.

A Federation with ...
3 000 local partners throughout the national territory.
5 000 activity centers affiliated.
Nearly 1 000 affiliated associations.
50 000 volunteers mobilized, grouped in 82 departmental associations.

An association formed in 1944
Since 1944, Francas gather men and women concerned with social emancipation for children and young pioneers new fields of activities and often precursors. Number of concepts born of reflection and action Francas have since been developed by the Government or by the market sector: patronages secular activities, play centers, CLAE and recreation centers, local educational ...

The Francas have intensified their activities since 1994 for the development of the local education project for local children, home education, local networks for children, local child and youth.

An independent and secular federation
Francas The National Federation is a secular structures and activities whose purpose is inextricably educational, social and cultural. They act for the access of all children and adolescents in all recreation quality, independent, and as the founding principle of secularism, which, beyond the tolerance, the understanding the other, for a mutual respect.

Their educational expertise, available at the local level, is reinforced by the dynamics of a movement of popular education. This movement brings together all those in education, want to bring out new and exciting ideas for the development of the city.
Many partners work daily with them on the territory and the world.

Les Francas want meeting space for all educators, teachers, parents, leaders ... promoting the mixing of backgrounds, ages and backgrounds. Les Francas also the regular meeting of specialists in a Scientific Council.

A movement based on humanistic values, supported by an educational ambition
Les Francas are gathered around values - humanism, freedom, equality, solidarity, secularism, peace - real meaning cues to act in society, they "bring alive" each day in their education, with the aim of bring children and young people for active citizenship. Education is conceived as both a project promoting the academic success and inclusion in society volunteer.

This includes ensuring the diversity and quality of leisure education to develop a public outreach: nurseries, recreational centers, multi-in centers, youth clubs, etc.. Another essential aspect of the project is to enhance the diversity of cultures in the service of "living together".

An association based on a shared educational project: Educating for tomorrow
Faithful to their vocation of movement of ideas and actions, Les Francas have constantly developed their project in their history. Their social and educational ideal has always been the focus of these developments.
After a collective work of two years, involving more than 6 000 people and at the end of their congress in Nantes in 2004, they offer a program entitled "Educating for tomorrow." This project sets out guidelines to give meaning to the development of educational activities, and prospects for short and medium terms, shared by all actors of the Federation of Francas for six years, from 2006 to 2011 an ambitious and realistic, in tune with the social realities of the early twenty-first century.

The international contest of poster on the rights of the child « AGIS POUR TES DROITS »
In 1998, the association départementale « Les Francas de SEINE-SAINT-DENIS » organizes the first international poster « AGIS POUR TES DROITS »
The objectives of this competition are to raise awareness of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, to educate children and adults about these rights, to ensure that those rights are properly respected.

In 2009, the contest was attended by 36731 participants from 31 countries (including 4 countries of the European Union) who carried out 7798 posters.
In 2010, contest was attended by 32000 participants of 37 countries (includin 8 countries of the European Union) who accomplished 7000 posters.
In 2011, contest was attended by 30131 participants of 33 countries (includin 5 countries of the European Union) who accomplished 6735 posters.

"The Convention relating to the rights of the child is 20 years old, what she says, what it is, there what I shall like" - Takako KURAMOCHI - JAPON - Lauréate 2009

"About our religion is, we are the same family" - Lina SABBOULA" - EGYPTE - Lauréate 2009

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! Like thousands of participants, promote the Convention on the Rights of the Child. - THE ASSOCIATION 'LES FRANCAS' (Countries of the World)    -    Author : Daniel - France

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