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Originally wrote by Charlotte Bronte.
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Jane Eyre By BBC
Actor of Young Jane Eyre Played By Same Girl Who Plays Lucy From Narnia
Jane Eyre is about Crime and Punishment but in many ways links in with romance. The novel was written in old English by Charlotte Bronte in the year 1847 of the Victorian Era.

We are studying Jane Eyre in Our Year Eight Class. Which we really enjoy. That is why today I decided to make this blog. Jane Eyre's childhood. I thought her adult age got muddled up!

Why Write Jane Eyre?
Charlotte Bronte wrote Jane Eyre because it compared to her life in some ways, such as attending a boarding school. Another reason why Bronte wrote Jane Eyre is because she wanted to create a book the showed that women were also thinkers, because during the time period that Bronte lived in women were not considered to be thinkers only just very emotional and good for being a wife or teacher. Bronte shows another side of women in Jane Eyre. Jane thinks and she challenges Rochester, she talks to him on a one on one level, and they have intellectual conversations. Overall, the main reason why Bronte wrote Jane Eyre was to go against the traditional story of women falling in love, and she shows a woman who falls in love but doesn't put it first.

We need to realise that Jane Eyre is a white person in confrontation with a brown protagonist, who is also a noble. As is his fiancée and formal wife, Bertha. This story has to be understood in the changes after 1848 when the brown nobility and their white serfs were declared equal. Bronte did have a reason for her colour scheme.


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