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Jane Eyre is an Orphan Child. Who lives at Gateshead with her horrible aunt Mrs Reeds (those Jane calls Aunt Reed) Her two girls, Elizabeth and Georgina and only son, John. There are two servants and Gateshead called Abbott and Bessie.

I Believe it is just like Cinderella... Guess How...
The incident in the Red Room

The Red Room is the master bedroom. The Whole Room is Red From the curtains to the Duvet... its all red. Jane's loving uncle Reed died in the very room...
One Day after was fight with John, and Jane is blamed She is carried up to the red room and locked inside. Jane is scared of ghosts Good or Bad. When she thinks she see's Uncle Reed's ghost Jane begins to scream. Bessie (the servant) Open's the door letting Jane out but outside Abbott and Mrs Reed stand "She's lying Bessie, lock her back in. The deceitful girl should be punished trying to trick us like that!

How Would You Have Felt If You Were Jane Eyre?
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