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♥Jane Eyre♥ - Aunt Reed

Aunt Reed and Her Kids

John Reed's mother Aunt Reed Takes John away from school for a bit as she says her son has got delicate health. While The Head Master says John Shouldn't bring Sweetmeats to school then he'll be fine...

Georgina and Elizabeth curl their hair, wear pretty dresses and look wonderful. While Poor Jane is only to wear a rag dress and have her hair plain and messy... (That's why Cinderella comes in mind)

Abbott and Bessie.
Abbott is mean and horrible like Aunt Reed. Her attitude is unclean and scruffy towards Jane Eyre.
Bessie however is different while Jane's only friend at Gateshead. She can be hard to Jane while Aunt Reed is around... (She is also mentioned Later.)


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♥Jane Eyre♥ - Aunt Reed (Books, Comics)    -    Author : ♥Candy♥ - Great Britain

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