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Writing Is Who I AM - My Poem Attempt

I don't normally write poems so I tried,here is a poem I wrote please postive or negitive feedback! (I need it)
I just need some clarity
These walls are slowly closing in on me
The time bomb is slowly ticking away
Ana I am lost running in the chaos of a brand new yesterday
I don't know what to say
I am not that strong.........anymore
The tears won't come anymore
And I find myself screaming out your name
I am so afraid of the future to come
Life has its way of surprising
You never know what will cause an uprising
And as I run away I find myself in a brand new yesterday
As the dreams reappear the fears dissapear
I just need some clarity
Tell me what you think, by commenting on my forum, guest book or by email.
Thank You!
If you like this blog and the poems please look at my potery blog, The Story Inside A Poem!! Thanks!

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Writing Is Who I AM - My Poem Attempt (Books, Comics)    -    Author : Jade - USA

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