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Writing Is Who I AM - Chapter 1

The Symbol Of the Dove
Chapter One
If I could change that night I would. I was spending the night with my best friend, Maya at seven o'clock in the evening me and Maya were in her room, Miss.Lin, Maya's mom came in she had tears in her eyes, Lana you need to go, but Miss .Lin I just got here 15 minutes ago, mom and dad havenít even arrived home yet, I thought little did I know. Yeah mom Elana just got here Maya chimed in. I remember Miss.Lin avoiding our comments just get ready to go Lana. Somethingís wrong Maya said I tried to avoid this thought, then Aunt Maryann showed up at the door at that moment I knew something was wrong. Then came the whispers yes yes you can tell her than she can decide. Miss.Lin calls me to their living room Elana Aunt Maryann said when she sees me then breaks down in tears. Iím going to talk to Maya Miss.Lin says. Have a seat Elana Aunt Maryann says. Elana Aunt Maryann begins thereís been a car wreck. Okay I replied not knowing the dreaded news to come. Your pare she stops Joseph and Li Aunt Maryann come on my voice shaking your mom and dad are dead Aunt Maryann said quickly. No I thought, they were here like an hour ago. Yes Elana they were leaving and hit by a truck oh I said what about Ariella horrible thoughts rushed in my mind she was with them she was injured badly sheís at the hospital now Elana you can stay here with Maya or stay with Uncle.....No I said Iím going to see Ariella...but Elana My parents our our I couldnít bring myself to say it so I let my emotions get ahead of me I run out of the house I can be a fast runner Elana Elana Aunt Maryann yells panting she finally catches up to me trying her hardest to keep pace. Wow Elana youíre a fast runner like your mother, she stops like she said something wrong, Iíll take you to Ariella she said as we walk to the car we get into the car Aunt Maryann whatís going to happen I donít know my Elana were just going to have to wait and see. We arrive at the childrenís ward in the hospital I practically jump out of the car as I run in I see my family. Yeah the truck drove away huge tractor trailer, no I donít know what it sponsored my grandfathers voice boomed and then in a light whisper a bystander said all it had on it was a picture of a dove. Elana my uncle yells in a cheerful yet paining voice the conversation stops. Hi I said trying not to cry whereís Ariella sheís in there sweetheart my grandpa said gesturing towards the last door in the hall but I donít think, I donít listen to what he has to say, I run to see my little sister a small room decorated with Disney princess sheís watching Ariel. It hurt bad Elana not good Ariella said to me I know Ari its okay I'm here smile I say she goes back into a daze. I look at my sister she seems so small helpless. Elana donít cry Ariella said, the nurse walked in. Hi you must be Elana yes mam I said. Well Ariella doesnít remember everything she kind of blacked out that can be good or bad. Well excuse me mam but sheís been in and out of a daze just since I got here is she okay? Well I donít know she got hurt pretty bad. I look down at my little sister please donít die. I stayed with her all night, she died everyone was there except mom and dad I cried for days I guess with mom and dad I had Ariella for a day I would love to go back to that day just to be with my sister one last time.
Hope you like Chapter 1, Chapter 2 will come soon!!!

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