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Hi my name is Jade I'm 13 and I want to be a writer here is the prolouge for one of my stories chapter 1 will come out soon!!
The symbol of the dove
The symbol of the dove means hope and peace but in my family it means death.The church bell rings,and I try to find an esape maybe I can run into the woods.Elana oh no busted I think.Yes Aunt Maryann the service is starting.I walk hestinally to the front steps.Elana fix your dress I look down at my blue and pink dress.I hate dressing up essepically for this occasion.My cousin Analee told me it looked good this morning at least its not black I thought.Ready Elana her tone of voice very shakey I know shes trying to be brave.I take a deep breath and walk thoough the doors.With Aunt Maryann by my side all faces turn to me like a wedding and im the bride and thers a price charming at the front of the church but theres no prince charming theres my worse nightmare three caskets mom, dad and little Ariella I sit down and cry.The preacher begins today we are gather here for the funerals of Lilianna,Joespeh and Ariella Caten all wonderful people we are not here to morn over thier deaths but to celebrate thier lives the preacher continues on thier lives and how they died but I dont listen why do I need to thier own daughter and sister I knew them better than anyone.Elana live was spared.I look up at the sound of my name I begin to listen Elana we have a part of them all in Elana like Liliannas kind smile or Joespehs brains and according to him his looks I laugh at this ever since I was born his oldest daughter he told everyone I looked exactly like him to be honest I dont see it nethier did mom.The precher continues her outgoing sprit just like young Ariella.Saddness runs though my mind. I rtemember when mom brough Ariella home from the hospital I was 8.I wanted to name her after an fairy tale princess she ven had wavy red hair even as a baby I started calling her Ariel her name wasnt even decied yet, mom apprently liked Ariel but changed it to Ariella she was beauitful long flowing red hair never had a haircut never will.She was five to young to die 5 years old, Im only 13 and alone the preachers words ring in my mind Elana,Elanas life was spared and I cant help but wonder why?
If you like this story please feel free to coment on the guest book or forum I can always use feedback postive or negitive! Thank you!

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