Horse Sparkle - Driving and Vaulting

There is more than just the sport of riding when it comes to horses. There is also driving and vaulting!
Driving, when applied to horses is hitching equines to a horse-drawn vehicle by a harness and driving them.
There is: pleasure driving, to harness racing, to farm work, horse shows, and even driving competitions.
I have driven before with someone sitting in the cart with me and steering and let me tell you it is FUN!
here is a a video that is about the horse breeds that are involved with driving. It also has a lot about saddlebreds.
Vaulting is the sport of Gymnastics and Dance on the back of a moving horse at the walk , trot, or canter. Itís a wonderful way to develop confidence, balance, coordination, creativity, and strength, while working in harmony with the horse. for more info:

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