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Horse Names

Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to name any real horses, but I have plenty of virtual ones. And let's not forget play horses! So here are some cool names for any type of horse of yours, real and fake.
all names except mine were from
Multiple Word Names

Splash of Color
Blue Eyed Beauty (for wall eyed horses.)
Pumpkin Patches
Western Sunset
Dawning Hope
Sweet Dreams
Morning Glory
Second Chances
Dream Catcher
Unique Horse Names

O'Golly Miss Molly
Cheeky Chester
Hoofhearted (say 10x fast lol)
Glue Tomorrow

Native American Horse Names

Cheveyo ( means "Spirit warrior")
Osceola (Ozzy for short!)
Steps High (From the American girl doll Kaya)
My horse names.
I either use them, came up with them, or just like them!

Moonlight, Shimmer, Charm, (CANTERWOOD CREST<3),Truffle, Midnight Moon or Star, Frost or Winter, Sahara ,
Cloudy Day, Morning Mist, Summer, Colorado Moon, Pepper or Spice

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