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Middle Aged Story of Margaret Canterbury.

Margaret sat there, watching the sun rise. She had just had her luncheon and started sewing.
'Oh,' she sighed, 'daddy!'

Black Death was over, but she could still remember her dad, Lord John Canterbury, very clearly, even though she had last seen him when she was three.

Now, Margaret was fourteen, and had to get married in two days. Her future husband was Lord Mark Scott, a very wealthy gentleman, aged fifteen.
She had known him since she was born. She liked him since she was seven. Now, she was a bride and he was a groom. Nothing could stop thatů

Except for Lady Johanna Canterbury's new husband, William Moore, Duke of Kent. He was an evil man and thought that all of the females in Rose Castle must obey him any time he wants them to, and that was all the time.

There were sixteen females in the castle: Margaret Canterbury, Anne Canterbury, Louise Canterbury, Mary Canterbury, Trinity Canterbury, Sophia Canterbury, Lady Canterbury or Duchess Moore, Fanny the maid, Dilly the maid, Jane the maid, Charlotte the Nurse, Maia the Nurse, Ann the Nurse, Paola the cook and Polly the cook.
All of them had to obey their new master.

- I wish we had our old Master!
- I think Mistress was wrong, when choosing a new husband!
- Oh, yes! He is totally rubbish at manners!
- Oh, I agree!

- Mother was so wrong!
- Father is better than Master Moore!
- I hate plague! Why did Father have to go?
- Mother does not like the count, and thee knows so!
- I need to sleep and he tells me to wash his feet!
- One day, he will be punished!
- We will punish him!
- Yes!
- So clever!

These were the staff's and the children's usual talks.

But now, Mark whistled and Margaret had to run.
Lifting her skirt, she dashed and in less than a second disappeared into bushes.

'No need to worry about Master,' she thought happily, 'Master is evil and hopeless! I will have fun and no need to think about Duke Moore.'

The young pair headed to the town.

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