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Legend of Ilijark and Eileen.

This is a true and faithful story
Of a girl and a pretty young man.
It is full of misery and glory
That is hid behind a fan.

The girl was very dreamy
And her eyes were cold as fog,
Her skin was fragile and creamy,
Her thoughts weren't only smog.

Her manners were very princess-like,
But sometimes not so good,
She loved to read, but hated to hike,
She was careful with her food.

The man was brave and knightly,
So famous in his town.
He hated to ask politely,
So did he hate to frown.

His chestnut eyes were kind
And his chestnut hair was in a mess.
He had never dreamt of that faraway girl,
He only dreamt of his Susan the princess.

Once there was a tournament near some city,
So the young man wanted to show his might.
The men stood ready, while their girls were pretty.
And the young man's sorrow grew wide.

He wanted his princess to appear.
He thought that he will lose.
'Oh, Susan, Susan! Aren't you here?'
There was no time to chose.

All of a sudden, he saw a girl.
Not like the others was she.
No jewels, no extravagant curl.
'I like her,' thought he.

The girl saw that sportsman,
That man who looked at her.
She hid her face behind a grey fan.
'I know that I saw him before...'

Two long years passed.
Now this young man was sixteen.
He did not want to get married fast,
He wanted to save that for being eighteen.

The girl was just fifteen,
But her parents were strict and old.
'You need to get married, Eileen!
'Oh, for goodness's sake, do as you're told!'

One day Eileen sat on a bench in a park.
Then that young man saw her and sighed.
'Young lady, my name is Ilijark.
'You were so uneasy to find.'

Meanwhile, Eileen's parents met
A young, rich man called Oliver Pete.
That day the wedding day was set
And Eileen found out that Pete loves to eat.

'Oh, Ilijark! My love, my true sweetheart !
'Oh, Ilijark, my only life!
'Oh, Ilijark, Ilijark! Take my heart
'And I will always be alive.

'I laugh and cry, but don't you love me?
'Will that be an honour to die for you?
'Ilijark, Ilijark! Do not you see?'
And these words that she thought were true.

That day, as Eileen went to sleep,
She heard a noise, a piano chord.
'Eileen! My love for you is deep,
'So let us run away to Lord!'

They killed themselves
With a sharp, shiny sword.
They went to evil Satan
And not faithful Lord.

That is why the story is sad,
That is why the story is a legend of melancholy.
When their parents woke up, they were not at all glad
And they buried their children near the wall of Granchoey.

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