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Act I Scene I

Science Lab, Hamelyn Secondary School. Science lesson and the teacher MISS DEBLANC is talking about oxidation. The PUPILS look bored except for one very enthusiastic girl, HASTIE.

MISS DEBLANC: So, adding oxygen, O2, to any element is called oxidation...

HASTIE raises her hand.

MISS DEBLANC: Yes, Hastie?

HASTIE: Miss, what will the materials get called if they are oxidized?

Laughter from the CHILDREN is heard. HASTIE pays no attention to it.

MISS DEBLANC: Give me an example of an element, Hastie.

HASTIE: Antimony.

MISS DEBLANC: Good knowledge, Hastie. Well done. So...children! (angry) Pay attention! There is nothing funny about Hastie listening to me and asking questions that not only she should be asking! It will be called antimony oxide if it is oxidized, Hastie. Oxidized metals are called metal oxides and oxidized non-metal oxides. Metal oxides are alkaline and non-natal oxides are acidic.

HASTIE: Oh, this is so exciting, learning about these!

The bell rings.

HASTIE: Oh, the lesson is finished... May I please come up to you during lunch break for some practice questions, Miss DeBlanc?

MISS DEBLANC: Oh, yes, Hastie. (loudly) Good morning, Seven As.

CHILDREN and HASTIE: Good morning, Miss DeBlanc.

MISS DEBLANC: You may go.

CHILDREN hurry out of the classroom. HASTIE stays behind.

HASTIE: Does anyone ever pay attention during Science lessons, Miss?

MISS DEBLANC: Only you, I guess...

HASTIE: Poor you. When I grow up, I will become Headmistress of this school and make everyone like you.

MISS DEBLANC: You can't do that, darling. Now, now, hurry up to the dining hall. You have a choice of chocolate brownies and cream and strawberries today. You shoukd like it.

HASTIE: I'd rather have another hour of Science than lunch. All right, then. I will come after lunch for extra exercises, Miss.

MISS DEBLANC: Oh, yes. Please do! I can also show you a very interesting experiment, though nobbody except you would like it...

HASTIE: Oh, Miss!

MISS DEBLANC: Thank you for being such a good pupil, Hastie, darling.

HASTIE: Thank you for being a lovely teacher, Miss DeBlanc. Bye!


HASTIE runs out of the room.

MISS DEBLANC: She will be awarded a Nobel Prize when she grows up, I'm sure of it!

Lights out.

Act I Scene II

Dining Hall, Hamelyn Secondary School. Everyone is eating and chatting. HASTIE and her best friend, SCARLET, are sitting on a separate table with a couple of older girls. One of them is LORA and the other one is KIRA.

KIRA: So, Hastie. Hiw was Science today? Enjoyed it, as usual?

SCARLET: There is nothing funny about liking school, Kira. I'd rather like boys less than school, if I were you.

LORA: Hey, who are you talking to, minions? We are older than you!

HASTIE: Yes, but we are cleverer. Oh, Scarlet, don't listen to them! They are just a pair of popular cows, that's it.

KIRA: Yeah, right? We are just popular cows, did you hear that, Lors?

LORA: Sure I did. Ignore them, girl. Just ignore them.

Lights off, spot lights on SCARLET and HASTIE.

HASTIE: They are annoying! I hate them!

SCARLET: Same. Let's report on them.

HASTIE: I'm not a tattle-tale! Think of something else.

SCARLET: Do something to impress them?

HASTIE: No, I have a better idea.

SCARLET: What is it? Tell me, Has!

HASTIE: Let's make something so the older girls can be jealous!

SCARLET: Great idea, but what?

HASTIE: Enter a competition.

SCARLET: Which one? And what will the competition be? I'm only good at drama.

HASTIE: I'm good at English... And also Science, Maths, IT and loads of stuff... Oh, Scarlet! We can make our own play!

SCARLET: Yes! Think of something. Meet up after school in the Dining Hall, when we have tea.

HASTIE: You have Drama after break, right?

SCARLET: Yes. And you have English? I'll ask Mrs Troy for some competitions and ask her how to put on a play. I'll even stay for outdoor break.

HASTIE: I'll ask Mr Royale to help me write a play. Deal?


Shake hands. Bell rings. Spot light off. Complete darkness.

Act I Scene III

Dining Hall, Hamelyn Secondary School. Tea time. SCARLET and HASTIE run into each other. They are both carrying a sandwich each. They sit at a nearby table.

HASTIE: He said he'd help me write it!

SCARLET: She said she's lend me a book called All About Plays and Productions. She said it includes everything we need, but if I want to, I can come over to hers on Thursdays with you to learn about putting on plays and stuff. She said it was a very good idea to put on a play and she will be happy to help her 'lovely pupils'.

HASTIE: He said we can come over to his on Saturdays. He said we should make a plan of the play. What it will be about, characters, people, props. When I said I'm making it with you, he made such a wry face that I had to bite my cheeks not to giggle. No offense to you of course. He murmured something about 'rhythm of the valley' and 'alley' and 'Mary'.

SCARLET: (giggling and blushing) Oh, he hates me kind of. It's because of my poem. It goes like this:

The rhythm of the sunflower valley
Is nothing like the alley
That is the home to Lady Mary.

It's an extract from it. I was rushing to my cousin's house and I forgot about English homework completely, so I wrote a quick poem on the school bus. It is horrible and he gave me a C+ for it. My mum went nuts when she went to parents' evening...

HASTIE: Whatever, that was ages ago! So, on Wednesday we are going to Mrs Troy?

SCARLET: On Thursday, after Netball Club.

HASTIE: We have to be quick, though. On Saturday, after drama club we are going to Mr Royale's. My mum wouldn't mind if I walk to Mrs Troy's or Mr Royale's. She hates theatre, though. I will just tell her that I'm typing up the scripts for a Junior play and I volunteered to help Mr Royale with marking entrance exams.

SCARLET: I'll tell my mum that I'm going over to your house on Saturday and that I'm helping Mrs Troy with a Junior play also. Pretend they're doing Animal Farm?

HASTIE: Right.

LORA and KIRA sit next to HASTIE and SCARLET.

LORA: Hello, darlings? How are you? How is your best friend, root hair cell, Hastie?

HASTIE: Actually, I'm best friends with Scarlet.

LORA: Sweet! Darlings, you are best friends! Look, look, Kira! LOL!

KIRA: True, LOL! BFFs, these two. A nerd and a drama queen! Perfect couple, what do you say, Lora?
LORA: I know, right? Perfect for each other!

HASTIE pours a jug of custard over LORA. SCARLET giggles and they hi-five each other.

KIRA: Help, help! There's a bully on this table!

SCARLET: You are more of a bully than her, Kira! Leave us alone or we'll do this again.

LORA: Go away, you (smirks) pigs! Wanna make everyone a pig? Not us, thanks very much. Shoo, shoo!

HASTIE: We'd better go, Scarlet.

SCARLET: True, Hastie.

Bell rings. HASTIE and SCARLET run out of the dining hall. Lights out. Spot light on LORA.

LORA: Eww!

Spot light out.

Act II Scene I

Mrs Troy's house. It looks very ancient, ancient furniture and fittings, clocks and antiques. HASTIE, SCARLET and MRS TROY are sitting at a table with a printed out script.

MRS TROY: Scarlet, start from your queue. 'I didn't see you go, Miss Morris.' Hastie, close your script! That's the fourth week we've been practicing! Don't you know your lines yet? Ok, Scarlet. Three, two, one, action!

SCARLET: I didn't see you go, Miss Morris. I thought you were there when old Fanny was sold. The stamina of an Arabian horse and the beauty of a British pony. What a mix!

HASTIE: Darling, really? May I see her?

SCARLET: Sure! She is at Old Alexander Hilton's stables.

HASTIE: (whispering) I forgot my lines, ma'am.

MRS TROY: Look at the script, Hastie! 'His stables are the most honorable ones in the country, I will see them this moment.'

HASTIE: His stables are the most honorable one in he country, I will see them this moment. Would you please to go with me, Miss Gregory?

SCARLET: I'm afraid I won't be able to. Sir Linsbury is coming to tea at five and it is nearly half past three. I will have to get ready quick, my most reliable maid, Lilian, is ill and stupid uncoached Bella and Inna will have to do all he work.

HASTIE: Goodbye, Miss Gregory, my friend, then. I will buy the horse from Old Alexander Hilton if he lets me.

MRS TROY: Stop! Good, good, girls. Hastie, remember to learn. You will, of course, my dear. That is it. Who is going to play the other parts, though, girls?

SCARLET: I have two older brothers, Nick and Sam. They are in Year 9, both of them. I also have a younger sister, Annie. She can play one of the parts as she loves acting so! She is nine years old, Mrs Troy, but lively and confident.

HASTIE: My older sister is an actress, ma'am. She can play one of the parts and she will be very happy to act also. My older brother, Giles, is also a old actor. He can play Old Alexander. Funny enough, his name is Alex.

MRS TROY: And about the stage? Where will you act?

SCARLET and HASTIE: At school, of course!

MRS TROY: Oh, yes. Costumes, I have a friend who owns a professional costume hire centre in London. She can also give us props. That's sorted.

HASTIE: We can show the play to the school!

SCARLET: That would be great!
MRS TROY: About the competitions. I found one. To enter it you should be ready next week and the script should be sent no later than tomorrow!

SCARLET: We will post it, but we haven't even had a dress rehearsal yet!

HASTIE: Nobody even knows about it!

SCARLET: Thank you, Mrs Troy. Thank you for the lovely tea.

HASTIE: Thank you, ma'am.

MRS TROY: Bye, darlings. Call me in the evening, please.


HASTIE and SCARLET take their bags, put their coats and boots on and run off the stage. Lights out.


NOTICE: No part of the play can be acted out without the legal permission of ZASSY, me. If any part of this play is acted out or distributed to other people without my permission, they can be assumed criminals for doing an illegal thing.



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