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What is a tree?
A plant that never longs to be free?
What is a snake?
A rope in a lake?
Who are girls?
A boy, just with longer curls?

A tree.
It is a sweet home for a busy honeybee,
It is a great teacher for you and me,
It is a rule that will never be.

A snake.
It is some freedom in a gentle shake,
It is some wisdom that always is awake,
It is some great mere friends for you to make.

A girl.
It is nobody but a generous soul,
It is nobody but a wondrous world,
It is everyone but not just a boy with a curl.

Believe in girls and if you make
A little or a great amazing big mistake,
Just ask a girl to sort help you with that matter
And you will understand: girls are not just buckets of chatter.

A girl is a bright light
And it will shine today, tonight.
Girls, I beg, be brave
And if you are not brave, the world will not behave.

Today, you're butterfly.
Tomorrow, you're a dragonfly.
On Saturday, you are the knight.
Next Thursday, you are the dark, dark night.

I know that a girl means luck,
I know that it doesn't mean a servant's pet duck.

To Mr Amadeus Mozart

I am listening to Mozart,
Here we are sitting face to face.
He is telling me something in German,
I am just talking to Grace.

I ask him, in nice clear English:
'Why did you write Requiem?'
He is laughing like mad and is acting like crazy.
Then he coughs: 'Ahem, ahem.'

Mozart will not understand me
For as long as I live,
But he will always remember me.
Well, I hope so, that is my belief.

I will tell him to first, learn English,
Then, to get better from being mad,
After that, write me a special song.
And then I won't be so sad.

Mozart! O, genius Mozart!
You are the hit of my mind!
And when you die, oh Mozart,
Your music will not be left behind.

You are my friend, dear Mozart!
Oh, Amadeus, you are!
And with these words I finish my poem:
You will always be my pop-star!
Fashion! Fashion!
Clothing passion!
Stylish, elegant every day,
Only Paris is the one to take a part in that play!
Yum, yum! What is here?
Chocolate? Truffles? Wine? No beer!
Restaurants - scrumptious, cafes - delicious!
Waitresses - kind, not ever vicious!
I sat on that luxurious train,
My trip to Paris was not at all vain!

Loire Valley

Wow! What's that?
Is it true?
I cannot believe my eyes?
Do I see the same thing as you?
A chateau!
Where princesses lived!
And queens and kings!
That is why nobody believed...
River? Oh, river?
Flowing where?
Bye Loire Valley!
I'll follow the river there....

Provence, Cote d'Aix

Flowers of lavender,
Smelling better than a rose.
The rye! How golden!
I couldn't have described that in prose.
The farmer carrying a bucket of something.
These are potatoes. Here is a lady carrying a bucket of milk,
She is happy, jovial, she looks like a happy woman,
Yet her dress isn't of silk.
Marseilles, Marseilles!
Sea of blue!
I'll catch a train to somewhere in Provence
And get to you!

Cote d'Azur
Beach, sunny,
My ice cream gets runny.
I sit on my motorbike and go to the town,
I feel like I'm at home, I don't feel like a clown.
Where are my oysters?
Here are my lobsters!
Oh, Cote d'Azure, with the sea like sky.
Here I feel that I can fly.
Rain, rain, rain and rain again!
When will a ray of sun show through this horrible cloud!
Dieppe, I'll go shopping in you,
Then, I will eat some seafood (I'll not munch out loud).
Calais? Aquarium is so sweet!
Sharks, though, are scary
And one more thing, even though they are in an Aquarium, they are ready to eat!
And, again, rain!

Towns that are famous for food and wine
What is that red liquid?
Oh, this is just grape juice!
Is it, though?
I'm not really sure...
Oh, this is wine!
What is that yellowish-whitish thing?
It is hard on the outside, yet gooey inside!
Food towns
Are never to hide!

Days Of The Week
Food Days
Monday means beef burger,
Tuesday means hamburger,
Wednesday means apple pie,
Thursday means banana pie,
Friday means jellybeans,
Saturday means toffee creams,
Sunday is so very sweet,
We eat cupcakes, fruit and meat.

Tea Days
Monday means green tea,
Tuesday means black tea,
Wednesday means Earl Grey tea,
Thursday means oolong tea,
Friday means Darjeeling tea,
Saturday means sugary tea,
And Sunday means cakes for tea!

Things To Do Days
Monday - you are going to school,
Tuesday - you swim in the pool,
Wednesday - running a race,
Thursday - tying your lace,
Friday - going off to Italy,
Saturday, Sunday - singing with me!

Jobs Days
Monday is cook's day.
Tuesday is artist's day.
Wednesday is nanny's day.
Thursday is teacher's day.
Friday is scientist's day.
Saturday is archeologist's day.
Sunday is vicar's day.

Name Days
Monday's for Marys, Marias and Marthas,
Tuesday's for Peters, Pierres and Petersons,
Wednesday's for Jo, Josephs and Josephinas,
Thursday's for Zachary, Zoes and Zails,
Friday's for Alis, Alishas and Alices,
Saturday's for Poppys, Paulinas and Pauls.
Sunday's for all the others: Frederics, Allisons, Susans,
Dereks, Madisons, Dis, Roberts, Johns, Sophies, Ellas...
...and e.t.c.

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