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The Life of a Teenage Girl - October 2010

Tuesday 25th:
I'm getting so bad at doing anything regularly - anything: replying emails on time, posting reglarly on my blog, adding daily bits to my novels, learning my lessons weekly - ANYTHING. It's also very annoying.

Well, since I last posted a lot has happened, including me being sick for a few days last week and missing a couple of pre tests. Also this morning I had a couple of pre tests: his/geo and maths. History was great, Geo was rubbish, Maths was pretty good.

I'm not really feeling too well, as, earlier, coming back from school in the pouring rain, I realised that my trainers aren't water proof, so my trainers, socks, the bottom of my clothes, my jacket and my calves were all soaking wet by the time I got home. I just hope they'll be dry by the time I need to go back to school.

Technically, now I should be studying, but I can't be bothered. Yesterday I spent from half five to eight forty five learning history (I use rote memorisation), so today I want a little break. I'll start studying later on, hopefully (IA)

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