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The Life of a Teenage Girl - July 2010

Tuesday 20th:
Yesterday I went to my cousins wedding. I met up with a load of cousins and we all had a good laugh. At the end it was really funny, 'coz one of the men had a drum, and they were all singing and the groom and another cousin got up and started dancing. The cortege - bringing the bride from her house to the grooms house - is supposed to be Wednesday, so I wonder how that'll go.

Today has been rather uneventful, as I'm not feeling too well. I hope tomorrow'll be better.
Wednesday 21st:
Today, unfortunately, I couldn't go to the cortege: I woke up feeling rather tired and sick, and was afraid that being out all day in the heat and not coming home till late (it's almost ten and they're not back yet) would make me positively ill, so I just decided to stay at home. Unfortunately, I can't boast of having done much, except read Mansfield Park by Jane Austen online - I was very much annoyed by the insinuation that Fanny could ever love any but Edmund, and that he should be so blind as not to see it and I found myself exclaiming out loud on more than one occasion. I also did the washing up, and have now updated my blog, though I'm really very frustrated that I can't seem to upload a picture into the next frame :( I'll have to try again tomorrow, then.
Oh, and you might have noticed that some of Jane Austen's style has rubbed off and I'm writing rather posh - I think it's cool.

Thursday 22nd:
Today's been a busy day! Last night my family didn't get in till late (11:11), and told us that today was the bride's dinner. Feeling much better today than I did yesterday, I went with them, leaving at about one, one thirty, to get stuck in a load of traffic and not get there till around three-ish.

We had dinner with the bride's family (her mother, grandmother, two of her sisters and little niece), and then one of my cousins, one of the groom's cousins and myself helped around by doing the washing up: one washing, the other rinsing, myself drying.

After we'd finally finished that, we sat for a bit in the living room with our family, as the bride's family had disappeared into another room, before coffee and cakes were served, and the bride's family showed up again, to sit for two minutes and then leave. To be honest, they weren't very social: they kept mostly to themselves, and only one of the sisters (the married one) actually made an effort to talk and chat with the groom's family (i.e. us).

After coffee we did the washing up again, and then it was time to go. We drove my aunt and grandmother home, and then came home ourselves, arriving at around ten-ish. Towards the end of the day I had a splitting headache from dehydration, and right now I can hardly keep my eyes open, so I'm going to go shut them now :)

Ugh! Can't post a picture in the next frame - soo annoying.
Friday 23rd:
Yay! I finally got the pictures up! But it was so annoying: I'd put the picture in, then it'd turn out to be another one, and then I'd have to change it, and then resize it, and somehow I managed to mix all the pics up - well, thank God I've got them all in their right places now.

Now the wedding's over, I think I have the right to relax a bit, so that's exactly what I'm going to do; I need some R & R. Plan of action: no action required. My perfect version of what'll happen today is:
Sit on the laptop till four, suntan till half five, exercise/karate till six thirty, have a wash and other little things and be ready to watch Criminal Minds at seven. Then tea, washing up and laptop.
Okay, so maybe there is a little action in there, but I'm not a lump of lard, you know!
I wonder how much of that I'll actually do... Here's another version of what could happen today:
Sit on laptop till six, exercise till seven, have wash, go back on laptop, have tea, do washing up, go back on laptop, go to bed, and I can watch the Criminal Minds repeat tomorrow.

Well, as both versions of my day end in going on the laptop at night, I'll just have to come back and add a bit - or I could just leave it until tomorrow, when I probably won't have anything else to write about.

Saturday 24th:
It seems that both my foretellings were wrong: I stayed on the laptop till four, read a book till five, went suntanning till 5:45, alternate exercise, karate and rest till 6:25, had a wash, had some biscuits, watched Criminal Minds (which turned out to be a repeat anyway), watched (and cried over) the last half of Freedom Writers, had a bowl of spaghetti and cheese while I helped my younger brother to read The Cat in the Hat, heard my other brother read One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, then went on the laptop.

Now, anyone who thought this blog was interesting is probably going to change their minds - no, don't worry, I'm not going to give a detailed study of my life every single day.

This morning, guess what woke me up? You never will: the back bit of my braces getting caught in my gum. Brilliant; what better way to get up in the morning?

Today, we're supposed to be having guests. They're the mother, sister and brother of a man who talked to my father about my sister a few months back.

Although the picture says 'dinner' they're actually coming for coffee - couldn't find a suitable pic.
Sunday 25th:
So, our guests did come yesterday, and they were really nice.

Today I went to an ORL doctor (ear nose and throat) about my nose, she said there was nothing wrong so it must be an allergy, so I went to the allergy guy. He said I had to get rid of an infection I have first, and then he has to give me some injections (*sob*) before he can do the allergy test. Hopefully, though, it won't take long: he said just three days, and he's going to give me a date for the test tomorrow. It would be really nice to not have to have tissue paper with me wherever I go, so I really, really hope it's a curable allergy. Tomorrow's my first injection and I'm not looking forward to it at all.

I'm hoping to go out, maybe later, to the beach with my friend; hope I can, I haven't seen her for at least a week and am suffering from need-to-chat syndrome.

Monday 26th:
I went back to the allergy guy, doctor, whatever, this morning (my dad took me) and I did what I did yesterday: breathe in medication through my nose to get rid of any infection. He has to monitor it, apparently, so I can't do it anywhere else.

By the time we got home it was dinner time, so we had dinner and then headed off to the clinic to have the injection done. The woman there said she couldn't (or wouldn't) do it without the prescription, which the doctor hadn't given me back. So we went to a local doctor's and she said she'd do it no probs.
I had to wait for ages, even though there was no one before me, but finally I did get through. I was jittery while she was preparing it, but I'd calmed down a bit by the time she wanted to stick it in me. It only pricked a bit, but when it was done and out, boy did it hurt! Sitting down was a pain - apparently it was an intravenous injection.

Afterwards I went over to my friend's, as yesterday we didn't go to the beach, and I stayed chatting till five, when I was supposed to get back home for us all to go swimming. We went and checked out a couple of beaches but they were way too crowded, so we just got ice cream instead.

Thankfully, I know have a date for the allergy test: Thursday. So, hopefully (IA), it'll be some allergy that they can treat.
Tuesday 27th:
Absolutely amazing. A few months ago my phone started acting up: I could only hear from one side of my earphones, but when I tried them on my sister's phone they worked fine, so it was definitely my mobile. Then, about a month ago, I lost my memory card. By lost, I mean, it was still in my mobile, but the phone wasn't reading it. I lost a load of pictures that I'd taken when we went to the Roman Ruins in Tipaza a few months ago, and I was not a happy bunny. Then, yesterday, when I was at my friends house, my phone stopped reading my sim card: I didn't get incoming calls, when I tried to call my friend it said 'Emergency calls only', and in the corner it said 'No service'. I thought, that's it, my phone is totally banged up. I didn't want to take out my sim card though in case it wouldn't turn on again, so instead I waited until last night and turned it off. Then it occured to me that maybe it just needed to be turned off; my sister's phone also started acting up when she hadn't turned it off for a while. So I turned it on again. And W-O-W! It was reading my sim card, I could go into my memory card, and my earphones are working fine. Miracle or what?

First thing I did was turn on the laptop, grab my USB stick and transfer my pictures from the memory card to the USB. After that I went dancing downstairs, telling everyone about it :)

One of my friends had offered to buy it a week ago, so I said I'd check how much and get back to her, so now I won't feel guilty about selling her a phone that didn't work with me; I'm hoping it'll work fine now. So I'll just tell her to wait till I've got myself another phone and then she can have it.

I'm not doing much today, maybe going down to the beach to sit down a while, but that's it, really.

Wednesday 28th:
I am not a happy bunny. Got up early to go to the beach, but it was too rough to swim anyway; I did try to get in but when I did I couldn't swim, so I just thought, forget it. I just lounged around till dinner time (we had dinner there at the beach), I buried my brother, then we left.

I was not exactly the happiest person on this side of the bay, having gone to the sea, fought with the waves and screamed myself hoarse at how freezing it was, and by the time I came home I was absolutely exhausted, but I still wanted to go swimming. So I phoned my friend, asked if she would be going down. She said no. I re-e-eally wasn't happy. So I phoned her again a while later to ask if her sisters would be going down. She said yes. Perseverance pays off! I was happy.

Half an hour later BF calls me. Her aunt was coming over, she couldn't go swimming. I thought, you know what, I'm just not meant to go. Why push it? I had a wash, cooled down, watched some TV, and at seven fifteen the doorbell rings: my BF, her sister and her cousin. Apparently she'd phoned me earlier and had expected to see me down at the beach. I didn't miss out on anything, though, they told me, because none of them swam anyway. We're hoping to go tomorrow, though, (IA) and I really hope we can; it'll be really nice to just kick back and relax, especially after my allergy test. I just really, really hope that nothing stops me tomorrow.
Saturday 31st:
So I did get the allergy test done; I'm allergic to dust and bed mites. Though I was really looking forward to going to the beach, BF never called; I'm giving up on ever going to the beach with her this summer.

Friday... didn't do anything worth mentioning.

And today, I'm just feeling really out of sorts - in fact, I've been feeling that way since... about when my karate finished; and that was on the fifteenth of June.

Yesterday I'd phoned BF and we'd agreed to go out tomorrow morning, shopping, and in the afternoon swimming. Then she comes today, tells me she's starting to go to free physics classes in the morning, can't go shopping tomorrow, or any other morning, and wants to know if I'll come. I would love to. Only one small problem: morning is the only time we go swimming as a family, and we're hoping (IA) to go every morning this week.

Basically, this summer, everything that could go wrong did go wrong.

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