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The Life of a Teenage Girl - February 2011

Thursday 03rd:
After a whole three month's negligence I decided to revisit my poor old blog and do something about it. As I have already proved that I simply cannot be consistent about posting, I've decided to set a personal goal for myself of posting once a week. If I can't do even that, then I'm going to have to change it to once a month.

This week's highlights:
-One of my friend's grandmother died (RA).
-My favourite physics teacher's son was supposed to have an operation on his heart on Monday except it got delayed till next week because he came down with a fever.
-My horrible physics teacher (the one who teaches me this year, as opposed to the other one) got a ticking off from the director of physics or whatever he is (yippee!! she so totally deserves it)
-The rain is ridiculous, like this time of every year, and we've had some roads flooding as usual.
-We've had a mountain of pre-tests (not all this week, but still!!).
-I've already written one long email to a friend, so that leaves... oooh.... about five to go?
-I'm starting chapter six in the WIP that I was re-writing - a chapter that I have to start from scratch. I'm kinda outta ideas for what happens just now, but I'm still hopeful.
-I've re-written the half of the WIP that I lost (differently, this time) and am now continuing it.
-I've picked up another WIP and written a bit on that too.

....I know there's more but that's all I can think of now.

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