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The Life of a Teenage Girl - August 2010

Sunday 1st:
I am absolutely exhausted. My cousin came over today with her two boys and little girl, all under the age of eight. Admittedly, the girl is the cutest little creature I've ever set eyes on, but it gets tiring after a while - especially when it's past her bed time and she will not go to bed.

I know they're going to be spending tonight with us, but I'm not sure when they're going again. The boys started making trouble with my own brothers, and the eldest wouldn't let them sleep and kept talking until my cousin yelled at them, and now, thankfully, they've gone quiet.

There was a load of washing up to do, and I'm just really, really tired - especially as I didn't sleep last night till five o'clock in the morning, and woke up at twelve.

I should go to bed early tonight: we're supposed to be going swimming tomorrow morning (IA).
Monday 2nd:
I wonder how many times I have to start my post of the day with 'I'm exhausted' for my readers to get bored... And though it might sound to anyone that I actually AM having fun this summer, think again. Spending it bored and exhausted is not my idea of fun.

So, last night I stayed up till five, chatting with my cousin and sister - we had a lot to catch up on. Then I got up again at nine fifty five. Four hours and fifty five minutes aren't enough for anyone (except one of my friends who can sleep three hours and be fine). I had my breakfast, played a bit with my second-cousin, got dressed in my swimming clothes and then we went to pick my dad up from physio-therapy - at eleven fifteen. We got there at twelve in the scorching heat, and my dad was no where to be seen. Eventually he came out, and we went to the beach.

I HATE that beach. I have only been swimming there once even though I've been there five times. Fighting with the waves DOES NOT COUNT.

So anyway, we went fighting, swimming, whatever, and then had lunch, sat around for a while and came home. I'm exhausted for nothing.

Now I just can't wait for dinner.

Tuesday 3rd:
For once, I'm actually happy - well, not quite; I have to go peel potatoes - bleugh!

So, I got up at quarter past nine (forty five minutes after I was supposed to get up), and after getting ready and all we headed to the beach - oh, by the way, my cousin left last night, my dad drove her home, so today it was just us.

It was brilliant! I had a great time - I got two hours and a half of swimming, then got out, had lunch, read a bit and then we came back. I also finally managed to fix my hair in a way that I've been trying to do it for ages, and am really happy with it.

So, all in all, I'm a very happy bunny :)

... not quite... the potatoes are still waiting.
Friday 6th:
So, the past few days have been really eventful - oops, sorry, I forgot the un, what I meant was UNeventful - apart from being almost drowned and my mum fainting on Wednesday, of course. But she's fine (AA), and I'm still alive, so no worries.

Oh, and I'm getting a tan - very light, still, but it's still there - and I've got my freckles back! Yay!

Tomorrow's the monthly meeting, and mum'll see her friends and I'll see mine (IA).

The connection is being a pain.

And that's about all there is to say, really - remember, UNeventful with a capital, bold UN.

Monday 9th:
So, Saturday was the meeting and it was great, though I'm not sure whether to include the fact that four of us went up on the trampoline and it collapsed as a great thing or not, as, admittedly, we did have a good laugh afterwards.

Sunday, totally boring, barely worth mentioning.

And Monday... Well, today, my dad's gone to England. We took him to the airport and hung around until he'd done all that he had to do, and I bought a Mount Djurdjura poster that I thought was really beautiful (MA), and then we all hugged my dad and he went through, and we left. It was a horribly humid day though - I truly, honestly hope that this weather doesn't last, not even till tomorrow. Mum looked up the flight - it was supposed to leave at three pm (I think) and it was delayed; rescheduled for six twenty five pm, so the airplane should've taken off less than half an hour ago. I hope he has a safe journey.

After that we bought some patisseries (I got a chocolate eclair), had lunch as we were starving, watched Numbers, and now I'm on here.

... And now I'm not ;)
Tuesday 10th:
I'm only updating this because I have nothing else to do right now. I've been on the laptop for most of the day and am bored out of my mind. I'm also starving. All I've had all day is three banana's and a couple of slices of pizza - the pizza wasn't very nice and I just couldn't be bothered making something.

There is really nothing else to say. I wish Ramadan starts tomorrow though (IA).

Friday 13th:
So, Ramadan started last Wednesday. So far it's not too bad, just it's really, really hot now.

My brothers have been digging out old videos, stuff we used to watch when we were kids. My favourite one doesn't work anymore :( such a pity. But we're going to try some of the other good ones and see if they still work.

My sister and brother also went shopping for DVDs a few days ago, which is great. But they didn't have Eclipse in English which is an absolute bummer; I was so looking forward to watching that. Well, we still got The Bounty Hunter, and I was looking forward to that as well, so I'm cool.

Washing up awaits!
Saturday 14th:
I am not in a good mood. I am dead tired for one thing, in pain for a second, and now I've got cheated out of credit just after I finally got my brother to get me some! Oh, and none of the good videos work - and some of them were really good!

The pain is because, when opening shutters, I was holding the handle and pulling so I could lift the metal bar, and then said metal bar came crashing down on my thumb, crushing it between the handle and the bar. It's not broken (AA) but it hurts a lot and I can hardly use it, not to mention it's already turning purple and is a bit swollen.

I just cut off while talking to my friend for the first time in ages. I am really not in a good mood.

Thursday 19th:
I've actually had a busy few days, really.

On Sunday I had my first allergy-treatment injection - barely felt it, though my arm was feeling like lead and aching for the rest of the day. Straight after that my mum and I went to see one of her friends, and I ended up at first stuck with her 12 and 9 year olds (girl & boy), and then watching a film with the 12 and 9 year old as well as her 14/15 year old. That film was good - Aliens in the Attic.
I didn't even go back home after that: I went to see my BF who I hadn't seen for ages. We chatted, and, altogether, it was a great day.

Monday I was supposed to get up early and go with my BF for free physics classes, but I never heard my alarm. The rest of the day wasn't exactly interesting.

Tuesday we were all going to my grandmother's to stay the night, so we packed and left. It was okay for a while, just pretty boring, but we had our night trip to look forward to: we were hoping to go downtown at about ten-ish - but it rained - and by rained, I mean poured. So that was that. We slept around twelve, and woke up this morning at four o'clock for our breakfast. That would've been okay except we saw at least three cockroaches. Two my mum killed directly, the third one went into the room we were sleeping in and ran around the place until, finally, about fifteen minutes later mum managed to get it. Thank God for mums!

Then we woke up at ten-ish (a.m this time), got ready and left. It absoloutely poured on the way back, but by the time we'd got into the house it'd stopped.

And right now I'm very sleepy and am getting bitten alive by mosquitoes.

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