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The Adventures of Merlin
Merlin is a show created by the oh-so-famous BBC.
It is based on the great wizard Merlin, and also on the great reign of Arthur Pendragon.
There's a little romance, a few losses, no gore at all, a few scares, a LOT of fights, great performances of loyalty, trust and honor, amazingly hilarious scenes of humor, and last but definitely not least, sorcery.

Now the show in itself is a true wonder.
But what boggles the mind and what makes the viewer stick to the show is usually not because of the humor or plots or tricks and fights, why most people stick to Merlin is because of the unbearable knowdledge that Merlin has magic, but nobody else (apart from a few people) does. I think that is one of the biggest reasons why so many people have stuck to Merlin. Now, to me, I stuck with it just because I grew obsessed. I loved the innocent look of Merlin and his quick-thinking tonque. I loved it when he'd come in with a great and daring plan....and Gaius would talk him out of his idealism so quickly it seemed like a small bit of flame doused in a bucket of water. And of course, each tale has to have the enemies, although some are not all bad. Morgana gets on my nerves SO much that I cannot wait until Merlin destroys her smug smile with the knowledge that he is Emrys.

Now then. On to different things. That was quite a rant I put on there. Anyhow...


Merlin using Magic.

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