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The 4 Main Girls

Konata Izumi

Konata is the very main character in the Lucky Star series. Despite her being the shortest of all the characters, she's definitely the leader out of all her friends. Tsukasa nicknamed her 'Kona-chan' (literally Konata friend.) and the nickname has stuck ever since. She is a crazy, friendly and lively girl, who is always scheming and acting mischevious. Konata is really very smart, but she's very lazy and she doesn't want to study, it's the same with her and sports, she can't bother to take part in any clubs. She always pulls gaming or manga all nighter sessions which results in her having to cram for tests, as she falls asleep in school a lot, especially in Ms Kuroi's lessons. Her Father, Sojiro Izumi is also a fan of video games, anime and manga so that's really how Konata got into it aswell.

Konata works at a cosplay cafe (a cafe where the waiters/waitresses dress up as anime, manga or video game characters and have to stay in character when working) in Akihabara (a popular hangout for cosplayers or people interested in anime, manga and video games, and many other aspects of Japanese 'otaku' culture.), much to Kagami's despair. Funnily, she and her teacher, Ms Kuroi, plays the same online game as her and constantly reminds Konata to get offline and start the homework she gave her.

Kagami Hiiragi

Kagami is Tsukasa's older sister. Her grades are very good, and she studies hard, but they're not better than Miyuki's. Kagami was class president in first year. Sadly, but much to Konata's happiness, Kagami is never in the same class as the girls, but at lunch she always goes to eat with them. Kagami is nicknamed 'Kagamin' by Konata, and much like Konata's nickname 'Kona-chan', it's stuck. Konata likes to annoy Kagami and they always argue, which is a running joke in the series. She always gets annoyed by Konata's references to anime, manga and video games, as she doesn't understand them, and really, neither do the others.

Kagami is always very worried about her weight, but there's nothing wrong with her. Kagami's favourite sweet snack is Pocky (the original Japanese version of Mikado, or a thin breadstick with the top coated in chocolate usually, but other flavours are much more popular.) She has long purple hair which she ties in pigtails. Although she never admits it, she considers Konata as her best friend, and is very attached to her, Tsukasa and Miyuki. Kagami also likes video games like Konata, but plays completely different types to her. She likes to read light novels, not manga, and she seems lonely because nobody else likes what she likes.

Tsukasa Hiiragi

Tsukasa is Kagami's younger sister, and is also the youngest out of her 6-member family. She is in the same class as Konata and Miyuki. She isn't good at schoolwork or sports, but is extremely good at cooking. Tsukasa always asks Kagami for help on her homework, and schoolwork, like Konata, but Tsukasa isn't lazy, she's just very forgetful and doesn't always remember to do her assingments. Unlike any of the other characters, she isn't really very interested in anime, manga or video games, but she does really like Sgt. Frog.

Tsukasa has short, purple hair and always wears a trademark ribbon and headband. Her eyes are droopy unlike Kagami's whose are sharp, and she is very clumsy and a stereotypical klutz. Tsukasa got a mobile (cell phone, mobile phone) for her birthday, but being clumsy, she left it on during class and had it taken away from her, and another time, she left it in her pocket and ruined it when she put it in the laundry. Tsukasa is a very heavy sleeper and sometimes wakes up late for school. Like her sister Kagami, she is left handed.

Miyuki Takara

Miyuki comes from a very wealthy family and background. She is beautiful, smart and has exceptional manners. Miyuki always uses very polite Japanese, even when talking to her best friends. She was class president in first year along with Kagami, which was when they became friends, leading onto Tsukasa, leading onto Konata. In second year, Miyuki got into Tsukasa and Konata's class, which is when the friendship of the 4 really started. She is nicknamed 'Yuki-chan' by Tsukasa and, like Konata's and Kagami's, the nickname's stuck. Miyuki is very knowledgeable, and if any of her classmates ask for a definition or help on something, she always gives a very long and encyclopedia-like definition of it, and once Konata called her Miwiki, like 'wiki'pedia. She is one of the top 3 students in her grade.

She is described as a stereotypical, friendly meganekko (glasses-wearing girl). She doesn't wear contacts because she's scared of putting them in. Miyuki's vision was fine until after elementary school (primary school) when she started to read books in the dark when she should of been asleep, or when the lights were out. She also hates visiting the dentists, and often puts it off until she really does have to go. Miyuki likes to read, but unlike Kagami, she doesn't read light novels.

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