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This entire blog is dedicated to Doctor Who.
Whovians: WELCOME!
Noobs: Get ready to be blown away by the utter brilliance of everything related to the Doctor!

Please feel free to take the survey, comment in the guestbook or talk in the forum.
Opinions, ideas, quesions, etc. are welcome.
Nobody needs nasty people, nobody is making you view this blog.
Back to the main point; if you are still watching Doctor Who and have not yet finished the series
(as finished as they are at the mo'),
please yield to SPOILER signs that I put up.
Note: All images belong to BBC. I do not claim any of them for my own.

(email me for any extra info)

A lot of devoted whovians have completely ditched Doctor Who in the trash after a turn of events that they didn't like.
That just shows how powerfully emotional it can be.
If you've ever cried your eyes out or tore out a hunk of your hair over Doctor Who, then you're a real Whovian.
Usually if you get emotionally involved in something or someone, you're kind of obsessed.
So, a warning to all noobs who venture here:
Prepare for things to get tough.
But also be prepared to look at the world a new way.
It's the Doctor's way.

So if you're looking for a little change about your life or personality, this show is the most perfect one you'll find.
More advice for Noobs:
If you start watching Doctor Who and find it interesting to the point where you like watching it but are not constantly glued to the screen every night (as night is the best time to watch them), then I suggest this: If you want to experience the full brilliance of Doctor Who, then watch them every so often.
You don't have to watch them every night,
but like I said before, to experience the fullness of it, keep watching them and don't let a gap come in between the episodes, unless they're unavailable at the moment.
Like me, I was obsessed from the first episode I watched and was grieving when Season 6 ended and I had to wait for the 7th one to come out. And the gap between the 8th doctor and the 9th? Boy, its torture - waiting for BBC to make them, but when they do come out, they're like a piece of heaven, straight from the world of the Doctor and his Tardis, still steaming with the brilliance.

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