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My Personal Opinions:
5 things I want to do over Winter Break:

- Eat Christmas Cookies
- See my friends and family
- Open Christmas presents
- I hopefully can play in the snow
- Sleep in and stay up late

5 things I did over Winter Break:

-I ate Chritmas Cookies
-I opened Christmas Presents
-I had a sleepover
-I hung out with friends
-I was sick
-I also slept in and stayed up late
-I also got a new television

If I could meet one person in the whole world it would be Ronald Reagan. I would like to talk to him about polotics and present day government. I would also like to ask him what he had to do and if he had advice on how he got to be an amazing polotician. I would ask him about his childhood and how hw liked being a Radio Announcer. I admire Ronald Reagan very much and I would like the chance to discuss and ask him many questions. My dad always told me that he was an amazing and interesting person and that I should do a project on him and I ended up doing it. And guess what!! I am very happy that I listend to my dad about doing my project on him because he is an amazing humanbeing and has done a lot to help our country. He is a humorous person even when he is hurt. I have an interesting story that I learned about Ronald Reagan he got shot walking to his limo after a speech at a hotel in Washington, DC and he luckily lived but when Nancy Reagan (Ronald's Wife) got to the hospital he said, "Honey I Forgot to Duck." And I think that for him to be humorous in the hospital after he got shot is an amazing thing and that it describes his personality a lot. Thank goodness that he did not die from the bullet wound. I think that it was probably God giving him another chance to make our country great! I think that what happened was a miracle.

If I were principal of my school I would make lunch time longer than 30 minutes. I would also like to make the lunches taste a little bit better. I would get the pizza from a pizza place. I would also have 1 or 2 soda machines for thirsty students. I would make extra classes (ex. Home Ec, Tech Ed, Spanish) longer so that students have more fun when they come to school. I think that if the principals do easy things like making Encore classes longer than students would enjoy coming to school a little bit more.

The Greatest in invention to me is....... I think the greatest invention is the internet. I would say it is the telephone but you can communicate to people using the internet ( ex. Blog, Skype, Facebook, Email). You can also find information much faster becayse you will not have to go and read a book or encyclopedia to get the answer. Using the internet can be much easier as well because you wont have to read a whole encyclopedia you can simply type in what you need and there you go. That is why I think that internet is the greatest invention!

What Will I be doing in 10 years? In 10 years I will either be in college trying to become a Lawyer or I will be a Lawyer.I want to become a Lawyer so badly because I like innocent people being free and not being punished for something they did not do. I want to be successful and be fairly wealthy. I hope to own a normal sized house with a pretty big yard.

What do I think is the Top News Story of 2011? I think the top story of 2011 is The Casey Anthony Trial because all the trials were on the television. Also I know many people who were talking about the trial while it was popular. I know that the trial was very confusing to many people because it just didnt stop because the detectives couldnt find evidence stating that Casey Anthony was guilty. Also many people blamed others because Casey Anthony blamed her mom and dad and they blamed Casey Anthony.

If I were to send a letter to a person who is planning to build a teenager recreational center, it would look a little bit like this.

To Whom It May Concern,
I have some ideas for the teenager recreational center. I think there should be a small food court including many delicious but healthy foods. I also think you should include an inside pool so that you can have fun and swim rain or shine. A great are to build the recreational center would be in the Gainesville - Haymarket area. I think that you should include some tutoring programs for teenagers that need some help on certain topics. Also to make the recreation center amazing you should include an arcade with many different games.

Battlefield freshman to get an insider's look at animation

A 14 year old girl named Deja Nell who goes to Battlefield High School was nominated 1 of 100 high school students to go on a free trip to Disney World in March of 2012. Deja Nell wants to be a animation artist when she grows up. To get accepted to the program she had to write 3 essay about answers to certain questions. One question asked about her personal stories. Deja said that she was a person with a "can-do spirit" who liked solving problems. The second question asked about her goals, Deja said, "one of her goals was to be an animator for a big animation company." Deja said, "It's pretty much what I really want to do". She will get to go and experience what an animator does and learn more about the career!

Air Florida Flight 90 crash in 1982

On January 13,1982 Air Florida Flight 90 crashed in the Potomac River. Flight 90 came from Reagan National Airport and was not cleaned properly! In the jets was ice from a previous snow storm and because the plane was not cleaned properly the plane could not rise very high (high enough to fly normally) and crashed. The plane hit the 14th street bridge because it could not rise enough to go over the bridge and just hit the Potomac river. After hitting the bridge the plane hit the icy water of the Potomac river. 5 of 74 people lived and 4 pedestrians had died.

If I were to chose a fictional character to be it would be..............
The fictional character would be Mr. Smith from Mr. and Mrs. Smith an action movie. I like him because he has a cool job oh and by the way he is a Top Secret Spy. Also he has alot of hidden weapons and cool places to hide them. Having weapons could sometimes be useful as long as you use them responsibly. He also has a nice car and an awesome house. I also like that he is really good at fighting.

What are my 5 favorite Junk Foods??

1. Cool Ranch Doritos

2. Butterfingers

3. Ice Cream Cake

4.Snow Cones

5. Sour Patch Kids

Who are my 3 favorite celebrities??

1. Adam Sandler - Actor
2. Ronald Reagan - President/Politician
3. Will Ferrel - Actor

The Cold Penguin

In July of 2011 a penguin named Pierre was sheding his feathers. Pierre was supposed to grow feathers back but he didn't grow them back. Pam Shaller the marine biologist thought that was super weird come to find out many other penguins had that happen. Pam Shaller really cared about Pierre and decided you know what I am going to make a warm wetsuit for Pierre. And guess what IT WORKED! The reason Pierre really needed something to keep him warm is because penguins depend on their waterproof feathers to keep them warm. He would not go into the water and he was often shivering but thanks to Pam Shaller he went in the water, was'nt cold anymore, and grew back his feathers!

P.S. If you would like to catch up with Pierre and the other penguins at the California Academy of Sciences. The website information is below enjoy!

If I were to convince the president to do change one thing it would be...
I would choose to change the economy. I would like to ask him to change gas prices and unemployment. I would also like to ask him to change the tax on paychecks that you recieve. I think that if people were to work hard on your paycheck you should recieve the full amount.

Pythons finally taken seriously! Were we too late?
From 2000 to today police and animal catchers have been trying to catch pythons. Teh problem is that they have waited too long and now they might be too late. The pythons have been reproducing and eating too much. One python was found with a 13 foot alligator in its stomach! Does that tell you something? They eat anything from dogs to fish. The pythons are eating so many organisms that some animals may become extinct due to the pythons. The officials have gotten over a thousand pythons which is good! So maybe this problem will be resolved within a couple years.
Tebow Bill
I personally have 2 opinions on the Tebow Bill. I think that you should be able to play in school sports even though you do not go to public school. sometimes it is not your choice to be homeschooled. Your parents may have chosen for you to stay home and learn. Also your parents still pay taxes for schools so it should be right for you to play on a school team. My view on why you should be able to is because children who are not used to other people may not get very far in life. I think that a child should learn to be social sitting at home all day and only talking to your family may not make you very social. Think Tim Tebow was homeschooled and if he was not able to join a team then he may not have been discovered. I also think that homeschooled children should not be able to join a school team because the homeschooled children do not have to wake up early and go to a school building. Think if a student who usually gets to sleep in and not have to worry about being late to classes or anything would it be fair for him to be on your team? Do you need to get an A B average? Yes well I do if I do not keep a certain grade than I will not be able to stay on the team. I just think that this may be a very debateable topic. If you want please comment on what you think!! Thank You.
Teachers Charging Students For Misbehaving?
Is it okay for you to charge a student for misbehaving? I think the teachers are insane if they think that it is fair for students to pay for misbehaving! Do not get me wrong it is not right to misbehave in school but some families are economically challenged right now and can not afford to be charged with money. Also it puts too much power in the hands of the state. Some students have to pay for untied shoes. I think that is just plain stupid it just does not make sense. I dont know what you think but please email me what you think!

Crying Babies In Restaraunts Getting Kicked Out?
Have you ever been in a restraunt with an annoying crying baby? Well now you are in luck resturant owners now will ask the customers to escort the crying baby out and come back when the toddler calms down. Is that right? Well I think that it is as long as the resturant owner is not rude about it! Although you know you should have the courtesy to just walk out and calm down the baby. I have been in a resturant with a screaming baby and it is not at all pleasant! If you have an important meeting or work interview and there is a crying baby distracting you it may not be very helpful and you are already nervous it will not help. So overall having a crying baby and a resturant do not match very well. Please email me with your praised opinion!

Evil Stepmother???
A 9-year-old girl steals a candy bar from her grandmother's purse! What is the punishment you say? The punishment was decided to be for her to run for 3 hours straight. A man saw her running and later said, "I saw her running but I did not think she would later die." The "evil" stepmother and grandmother are now in jail. She died of dehydration which caused her to have a seizure, she later died in the hospital. So you think your stepmother is evil?

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