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Why are guns good you may ask? Well, I asked myself that same thing about 2 months ago!
Did you know that 230 million in the United States own a firearm? Gun Control is not a good law because people need to obtain self-defense for their families, many use guns for sporting goods, and providing food to their families. Gun Control became very popular after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Gun laws will take away big amounts of ammunition and certain guns.
It takes 6 rounds of bullets to kill an intruder due to many lacking a good aim while handling a gun, therefore you may have to reload if you can not kill the intruder on the first rounds if you have to reload that give the intruder time to get ahold of your weapon! Gun Control will not affect the criminals, but it will affect the law-abiding citizens. Taking away guns will also create a black market and a large source of organized crime revenue. Guns do not pose a threat themselves, people do! Many more people are killed or injured by criminals with guns per year than by law-abiding citizen. Gun ownership gives the common man a fighting chance at defending himself and his family against the rising criminal element.Among the law-abiding citizens target shooting is a popular sport, hunting provides a sporting challenge as well as supplementing a families food sources and gun clubs provide social opportunities for gun enthusiasts.

What do you think about guns?
Guns Are Good!
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Guns Are Bad!
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