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In a news paper there isn't anything for kids I mean one little space for kids to send pictures in what is that? If I were an editor of a news paper I would have a whole page for kids. I would have jokes,amzing pictures of art work, and much more it would be the most colorful page in the paper! I think if there were more space for kid stuff in a news paper many more people would read it! wouldn't you?

1,000,000 Charity

If the President gave me 100,000,000 for a charity I would make the charity for the enviroment because I feel there is polloution everytwhere and it is hurting our world. I would buy plants new soil and I would help areas that have sufferd natural disasters like natural fires, tornadoes,Hirricanes, and ect. I want to be able to save the enviroment that we live in.


If I could choose a new class for my school it would be a fashion class. Why? Because I think if you want to be involed in fashion or just like to learn about new things they should have a fshion class open to anyone. Some of the assignments would be to design clothes bring in fabrics and that kinda stuff i really think Gainesville should have a Fashion Design Class.

My 5 Favorite Words!


My favorite season is summer because....

Summer is the warmest season of the year! It is my favorite season of the year because you can do soo much. First off there is NO SCHOOL!Also you can hangout with friends all the time,go swimming,And much more.Another I love to do is go to the beach and swim in the ocean.When i go on vacation i always have fun because im with my faimly.I dont need to text my friends get on the coomputer or anything just spend time with my family.My absolute favorite thing to do in the summer time is to play outside and have fun with my friends and family. :D

In 25 years I hope to be a lawyer living in Hunnington, WV.Also be a graduate from a good law school.I want to have a family of 2 kids a husband and a miniture dushound.I wish to stay in touch with my sister and parents.I would like to have a nice house near friends and family.I don't want to be always busy and never have any free time.I want to be able to spend time with friends and family.I also hope I will have a happy joyful life when i get older

Bristow Man Wins $1M With Skin's lottery Ticket
Jim Spillane won $1M dollars of a redskins lottery ticket. He bought the ticket at the In & out market in Manassas. He is the first person ever to win the million dollar Redskin's lottery ticket.The other two million dollar tikets are still out there somewhere.

Book Or Movie Character

If I could be any book or movie character i would be Despereaux from the Tale Of Desperaux. I choose this book because i think it is very excitng and adventurous.This is one of my favorite books.Desperaux is very brave,truthful,And dosent care what other people say.He dosent follow the rules but he turns out to be a hero for saving the princess.and that is why I would Choose Despereaux from The Tale Of Desperaux


I think GVMS deserves the school of excellence because of all the diffrent sports,clubs,plays,and the wonderful staff and students here.Gainesville has alot of clubs I can't even name them all. Most of the clubs at GVMS they don't have at many other schools. Every year we do a diffrent play. I wish I could come see all of them! The staff and student at ganiesville work very hard every secondond of every day. And one other reason is about oour school sports. Gainesville's soprts team are very skilled and work very hard to get better.GO HAWKS!!!

Would I Want A Twin?

Me myself and I are unique in everyway and there is only 1 me in this lifetime. If I had a choice to have a twin i would rather not. I dont not want a idenical twin because people would most likly get us confused with people. Also I like being just 1 person not having an idenical twin. And if me and my twin sister could fit into each others clothes we would probly have to share clothes and alot of other things.I like me and my FAMILY they way we are. ;)

My Most Horrifyiing Experience

My most horrifying experience i can remember is when I was little. I was jumping up and down near the corner of a cabnet and i jumped to high and hit my head. To me it just felt like a small bruse. I put my hand over my head and i looked at my hand it was coverd in my blood!I screamed and my mom and dad thought my sister hit me with a pencil then the saw the blood on my PJs, my hand, and on my head it didnt bleed that much but there was still alot . My mom and dad went upstairs to get a bandanna and put it around my head. It wasent a deep cut at all it didnt even hurt that much.but now I know not to jump near cabnets!

1. My Family
2. My cell phone
3. My friends
4. The computer
5. The TV

SnOw DaY!
If we get a snow day tommarow I would relax and have some hot cocoa.Go outside and sled down the hill in my front yard. Then I would just play in the snow.

My favorite December Activities..

1.Go to WV
2.Staying home and relaxing
3.Playing in the snow
4.Drinking hoy cocoa


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