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What's in the attic?

I couldn't sleep one night at my grandaprents so i got up and just walked around the house and got a snack. Then I noticed in the closet there was a long string hanging from the celling. Of course as curious as I am i pulled the srting and stairs came down. Then and there I knew it was an attic! I went up the stairs and I saw a big green chest. There wasen't a lock on it so i open it up and i see..... Old pictures, clothes, phones all this stuff from not long ago it was getting late so i decied to go to bed and try and sleep. The next morning i asked my grandma if she could help me get it down she said "Oh so you went in the attice last night huh?" I replied "I got curious you know how I am". She helped me get it down and she told who was in the pictures and how everything worked back then. Now I know how spoiled i am.


3.Sour Gummy Worms
4.Sour Patch Kids
5.Hershy's cookies n Cream bar

My Favorite Sports And Hobbies Are......
Favorite Hobbies :D
1.Play soccer
2.Hangout with friends
3.Watch TV
4.Spend time with my family
5. Computer

Favorite Sports :D
3. football
5. gymnastics

Teen Stress

The worst prolem I think teens can face is stress.Stress is very common for teens in middle and high school because there are alot of changes with swithing classes and schools. Bullying,school,and drama can cause stress it is important to talk to an adult or guiedence counsular if you are expirencing teen stress.Teen stress can lead to depression which will effect the people around him/her.If you don't talk to someone about stress it can get worse and you will become frustrated,and overwelmed.To ovid teen stress tell a parent or gardian and then talk to a guiedence counsular.


Do you belive in super stitions? I belive in them but then I don't. I dont belive in things like this braclet helps me win every game. I think in their head they think that and it helps them play better because they belive in their self alot more. And sometimes I belive in the bad luck and good luck super stitions but no always. I think everyone should just have faith in their self.


If I could be any cartoon charatcer i would be Minnie Mouse!She is my favorite character because she is always happy and joyful.Minnie is sweet to everyone she meets. Minnie is a sweet carring mouse.

In 100 years?

If I could put something in a time capsule i would put things that are importatnt and are popular today like books,some never technology,clothes, pictures of houses and people, and toys.I would put books in there because books are already starting to change who knows what is to come?I would put newer technology in the because then they could know what we uesed to communicate.I would clothes in the capsule so they could see how we dressed and what the stlye was now.I would put pictures of house and people in the capsule so they would know how many people lived and looked like.And finally I would put toys in there so they would know what kids did and how they entertained themselves.


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