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I have chosen many topics that i may like to write about,including Recent Weather and Photography.The one that I am very interested in is the progression of Music,Dance,and Related Arts since the 1900's. I really enjoy music and i have been dancing for a while now,that is why i choose this. Something i want to recover would be the change of beat or for art the change of style. i think each topic of art would have there similarities and differences. And i want to figure them out by talking to people and what they believe the difference is and how things have changed. Some people i could talk to are art and music teachers. I feel that i will enjoy working on this topic and learn a bunch!


People like trips right? Well i know i do. Escpecially if its with anything like the time my best friend,Kateland and I went to Denver,Colorado. We were going to Denver to see a concert that her wanted to see,and i didnt even know i was going until a day before. I was so suprised.
On the way there and back would be a total of six hours. We stayed at an amazing hotel with a pool. I had so much fun! We never got to see the concert,but thats okay because i will still never forget it. We didnt get to see the concert because the tickets were to much. I still had a lot of fun though.


Every year around fall me and my family,consisting of my mom,me,and my two brothers,go to Kings Dominion. We buy passes for every year. its usually a fun day unless my brothers are being mean or annoying. We ride all the rides and partner up since there is an equal amount of people. Its deffinitally a great tradition to have.


Soldiers are very important. They help protect our counrty. Soldiers must be very brave because they go up againt many hardships when theyre on duty. I think that soldiers are a very helpful source. They also help protect other countries.

1.) Whats the problem? GARBAGE.

I think the problem is that


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