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Hayy! (: this is my Blog. i made it in Journalism,its pretty awesome. Ohh;and if you like my name thanks,haha.Some things about me;uh im FUNN. i am for the GREEN! -----------> obviously.. well i sure hope you enjoy this place!

RECYCLE(: itll make the world a better place!

My Pet Peeve

I hate it when someone wakes me up for no reason.One night as soon as i came home from cheer practice,i feel asleep.I was so tired.My brother came in my room and woke my up just to tell me that he went to the store and got a bag of chips.I was really angry,because that was NOT so important that he had to wake me up,and he knew i was tired.

Radio Broadcast:

Hello,this is Purple Hippo Live in Virgina. I am reporting a scary incident that just happend earlier today. A masked man crawled into the back of a vehicle,scaring the mother of an infant that was in the car when the man entered the car. The woman eventually had scared the man off by kicking and pinching him. This event occured early this morning,and now officials are on watch near the 9700 block of Kenoway Ct. Neighbors announce that they have seen a man fitting the description jogging in the neighborhood,and now everything is under watch. This has been Purple Hippo with the abdution story,signing off.

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