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The name of my teacher's assistant is Natalia REVELLES. She is twenty-six and was born in CORDOBA but she lives in GRANADA a city, equal to Rouen, located in southern Spain, which is a sunny region.
Natalia came to France to help the English teacher with the students. She is the language assistant at school .She works as an assistant of the English and Spanish teachers. but she wants to be an art teacher. She studies fine arts at the University of Granada She helps the English teachers with students. She is good at painting and sculpting. In Spain Natalia lives with her parents but in France she lives in a flat. Her flat in Rouen is big so she lives with flat mates. The family of Natalia is small she has a sister and her name is Luz and she has a little dog and its s name is Sueño.
Finally Natalia is very nice.
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The telethon took place on 4 and 5 December .
The participants ran and or walked from Châtaigneraie high scholl to the city hall.
The telethon is to raise money for research on genetic diseases.
Over 54 20 classes participated.

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