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K.I.G. - Head, Shoulders, Kneez & Toez
coz i alwyz start dancin even if i dont want to dance!!!


don't forget to visit the forums,guest book and survey
Thank You

I saw a bright light the night it was a right tight fright cause no sight or just black and white but now am alright...

Top hip hop shop is near the bus stop next to the pizza shop it's also a beauty shop its picture is ma laptop desktop picture its also cool a Photoshop picture

I always moan for a new phone with a headphone with songs unknown i could place it on a throne on top of the Rosetta stone or a geographical zone it could be my own....

Together, altogether with ur brother and sister we could defeat the cold weather with false leather and a bit of white feather...

Call more of your four dolls but use the back door or the front door but not the window before i send for anymore then go to the candy store and then check the baseball score i won't fall for a basketball score cause I swore that will be your chore....

Hi lee...gee i agree that the laundry got spilled with tea it looks nasty just like that dry Christmas tree under the mango tree next to the apple tree between the European olive tree which was shown on bbc Tennessee...

I love Africa more than America and Antarctica nor Costa Rica, Jamaica, Oceania Africa is better than algebra. Having Africa is better than having stamina...

They don't all make sense but there you go haha :]

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