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Ever heard of this little country called Malawi? - Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my Blog about our beautiful country called Malawi.
Feel free to browse around before you just close the tab :(
Malawi is such a genuinely friendly country, that itís many peopleís favourite overland safari destination! No wonder itís constantly advertised as Ďthe warm heart of Africaí on almost every tourist brochure you lay your eyes on.

Not only will the Malawians make you feel like their new best friend, but the scenery is drop-dead gorgeous and incredibly diverse. Itís a haven for nature lovers, who will be crazy about its game reserves and national parks, and be spoiled with great mountain hiking and plateau trekking opportunities.

This gorgeous country lies along one side of the massive Lake Malawi, formerly known as Lake Nyasa.

This Blog Was Created By Gracie Tsokah

I am the one on the end left (the small girl in tights) the one next to me is my mom in her hand is my nephew next is my cousin and in front is my niece. This is in Dublin, Ireland.

You are guaranteed to find thousands of mistakes on this blog :) but eyy am only human :D


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Ever heard of this little country called Malawi? - Welcome to my blog! (Countries of the World)    -    Author : ❀Grace Tsoka - Malawi

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