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Ewan McGregor - His life

I this is a fan site for Ewan McGregor ,so please enjoy!
If you have something to say, write it!

This guy is Ewan McGregor!!!

-His second name is Gordon
-Born : Perth in Scottland
-Birthday: 31 mars 1971 (he is 41 ,but he looks so young)
-Live : In London (the most beautiful country in the world)
He has 4 children named : Clara Mathilde, Esther Rose, Jamiyan and Anouk
He has a older brother Colin

Maybe you didn't know that,
but this man plays in a lots of movies,
because he's an actor an that's how I start to be fan of him
Some pictures
of the most beautiful man in the world
next to Jon Bon Jovi :)

He's not just perfect, he have some vices like he is a

That's one of is passion, he loves bike and made a lot of road trips with his friends, but even if he loves bike he does bicycle!

And he love kilt too!

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