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One Direction Infection Obsession ♥ - Louis Tomlinson ♥

This is Louis Tomlinson (He is my fave) ♥

- His full name is: Louis William Tomlinson

- He was born on 24th december 1991

- He is from Doncaster.

- Is the oldest member of the band.

- His favourite colour is dark red.

- His eyes are blue.

- His hair is brown.

- He can play the piano.

- He likes girls who eat carrots.

- If he had a superpower, he would fly.

- He has 4 sisters Charlotte, who’s 12, Felicity, who’s 10, and Twins daisy and phoebe, who are 6.

- Would date a fan.

- Once showed his bum to his head teacher. :o

- Pulled down Niall's pants down in a service station.

- His favourite person to look up to is his Mom.

Louis is pronounced as Lew-y :))

Louis is the Leader of 1D :]

Louis in a Hoodie :))

Louis is also very funny :p

Ha ha Louis being silly :O

Louis is just so cute x

Louis usually wears beanie's but it's so adorbz ♥

Hottie! :D

Aww so Kutee x

Louis singing ♥

Louis is so HOT! Wanna see some more hottie pics of him?

Check out this Video~

Enjoyy :D
Opal XOxo


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One Direction Infection Obsession ♥ - Louis Tomlinson ♥ (Celebrities, People)    -    Author : Opal - Australia

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