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I will update this Page every month or so, so u will find every gossip
and secrets there is to know! happy reading c:.

Louis Tomlinson has a solo ♥


Enjoy x0x0

One Direction apparently copied their name off something and apparently they have to change it and Zayn came up with 5 direction I hope they don't change it Updated news 2012 April!

One Direction wont be changing their name as Simon Cowell payed for it to let it stay :D

One Direction performed @ the Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony 2012
Zayn Malik Deleted his Twitter account because of the HATE he was getting.
All those directioners be careful because you don't know Zayn personally and he can be going through a rough
stage so stay out of it and instead of sending him hate send him something nice like how are you or are u alright okay dokay :D

Ed Sheeran gave Harry a tattoo!

They visited a famous UK tattoo artist Kevin Paul.

Kevin tweeted, "@Harry_Styles just got inked"

We don't know what he actually got, but apparently he is aiming for a half sleeve. Which doesn't really fit with the Nickelodeon image One Direction's management has been aiming for.

"His new tattoos top secret at the moment but we're going to be doing a half sleeve in the next couple weeks," Kevin tweeted.

Kevin wrote, "Then Ed tattooed Harry".

Harry Styles Just brought a new house worth 3 million dollars :O

It's a luxurious 4-bedroom house in a posh end of North London. The party pad is 2,300sq ft in size with a big south facing garden, three bathrooms as well as three reception rooms, there are four spaces to park cars off-road, as well as a double car lift

It was recently revealed that One Direction had earned almost 100 million pounds within their career span of two years so far.

Here is a picture of his house, his living room, one of the reception rooms and his kitchen.

Harry where's my invite? c:
1D New Magazine pics ;)


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