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I give thanks to everyone. Because everyone in the world have a part in the world. For example there some kind of leader for every coutry. Even if your not a leader your job has a part. Thats why everyone is thanked by me.

Bman loves books and VIDEOGAMES I like playing with my friends. We go outside and bike, play tag, ect. I love to read fiction books, my favorite books are Harry Potter, Vladmir Todd, and the 39 Clues series. Well good-bye 4 now.
I would want to be a flip flops. mI would be it because i would be at the beach. Pus i want to be inthe sand.

I plan on being a book editor in 25 years. I plan on becoming one by reading, writing, and editing tons of books. I plan on getting Highschool credits in middleschool and College credits in highschool. that would be realy awesome. I love books!!

I am writing about what Bman likes in a friend. He likes people who are honest, kind, funny, can take a joke and loves COOKIES. He also likes people who wont yell at him if he makes a joke about them. He enjoys people who like to play outside just as much as they like to play inside.

Bman's most unnfogetable day was when he was in first grade. It was a snowy day in Utah when i fell off the slide and sprained my neck. I was picked right away, I was told when I woke up. My Mom rushed from her job at the hospital and rushed me right back. They took like what felt a hundred x-rays and thats when I sprained my neck.

School should NOT have uniforms!!!!!!! Uniforms make it so that the students cant express themselves and they would and could reble! That would not be good at all. This my opinion on uniforms if u have a differnt opinion on uniforms please feel free to go on my forum and post your own opinions on it. bye!

I think that there is about as much of a possibility that there is life on other planets as i own this blog. aliens i dont think will have all the tentacles or lazer guns or any of that. i think that we are more advanced then they are in some ways and they are more advanced in some also.

A day without electronics would be absolutely boring. I would read, workout, and I would play outside. Of course I wouldnt get to read until the sun was up and I wouldnt get to read at night. At least not without a candle of course. With working out that wouldnt work out because I couldnt run on a treadmill or anything like that. I would play outside but that would be the only thing I could really do all day. Well, see ya! :)

My favorite things are food, games, comics, books, and of course COOKIES I also enjoy other things. Such as bannanas. They taste very good. By the way, u all know that i enjoy reading, right? good. now bye

With bullys i would tell them to go away. I think that you should tell a teacher right away. If u dont they will still bully u. I have never been bullied but my friend says he does. He seems pretty sad most of the time. Well, bye now.
5 things before 50
turn 49
get married
have kids
become book editor/go to college

if i could be a super hero i would. i would call myself the brainiack. i would have telecanisus, mind reading skills and some other powers(flight,strength,lazzer beams, ect.) no big deal. my call would be the brain. i would attack badguys by boring them to death, or by zapping them with my lazer vission. well,T-T-F-N (ta-ta for now)

yola me new 2 blogging but i love my blog almost as much as cookies. I think that there are aliens on other places such as mars and pluto and (IDK) um uh ah ha ha ha cookies. i love aliens


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