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HEY anyone here reading the 39 clues series if u are go 2 the forum and post ur card codes up there 4 me to put onto my acount. im a lucian they rule but isabel is a tyrant she is rotten. if u are totaly lost then u need 2 go out and buy the 2nd book because the 1st completely sucks. i have a feeling i should get paid 4 all of the book and game advertising im doing. i think if u are a fan u should get a free copy 'cause i told u 2 buy it
hi, i enjoy books in case u havent noticed. i like fantasy, sci-fi, and anything to do with vampires. they rock!!! i love the harry potter series, it absolutely rocks! if u like the harry potter series as much as i do then it would totaly worth ur while to read the books. i went there and i thought it was really fun. there is another good series called Vladmir Todd i liked it alot i still havent read the last book though. well thats it for now, bye! :P
hola, me here again. i was just reading the clockwork 3 it is really good but really sad. its pretty long though
Brandon Bardsley 11/10/2010
4th period
39 Clues book Review
By: Brandon Bardsley

The 39Clues is an awesome book. On a scale from one to ten I would give it an eight. It is really good because itís fast paced and very descriptive, but what I didnít like about the book was that it always ends in a cliff hanger. That isnít always a bad thing but you have to buy the next book to find out what happens next.
The books are about Amy and Dan Cahill finding out that they are part of the most powerful family in the world. But, they soon find themselves running from their relatives on a quest to find all 39 Clues. They soon find out that one of their relatives set the fire to their house and killed their parents forcing them to live with their aunt Beatrice. The family is divided into four groups (possibly five). Tomas the exercise nuts, Lucian the strategy group, Janus is the art obsess, and the Ekat, we donít know much about them.
Johnís opinion is, ďIts fun. I think itís exciting. My favorite part was when Amy and Dan were in the secret library. I would recommend this book to elementary school kids because itís an easy read.Ē I agree with all that John says except that its an easy read. Granit I did find it a fairly fast read, but I donít think that elementary kids would get or enjoy it as much.
Truman said, ďI think that it looks like a good book.Ē I think everyone should try to read. A lot of my friends have enjoyed it. The person who introduced me to it was CJ.
In my opinion, I would say this book is overall a good read. It kept me entertained and well caught up on what was going on. I like how you donít have to start on the first book to know what is going on. The stories are all written by a different author. The first book wasnít all that good, but it really picks up in the second. I like how you have to look not only at the words but also around the pages to find the clues. Keep on reading.


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so wassup guys sorry i havent posted in a while i have been kinda bussy i hope some of u guys still enjoy my blog i uhhhhhhh brain freeze ow ow ow ow ow ow it really hurts anyway i want u guys to tell your friends to check out my blog and 4 u to still check it out see ya later

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