My family & friends
...Yolanda's blog...o(_)o..Welcome!!! - More infomation & photos

This is your Yolandao(_)o...~
Born-----Oct 8th in 1991
Born in Changshu,Jiangsu,China.
Best friend-------Joy&Karl
color-------------light blue&black
pop star----------Ray(Ma tianyu)
hobby-------------sing &read online

anyting else you want to know?

please contact me now~


This is your Yolanda!

Yes,your Yolanda~


love you forever!

with my mum's coat!

I love my friends forever!

do you think it is beautiful?
I like it~
Do you think my hometown is very beautiful?

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...Yolanda's blog...o(_)o..Welcome!!! - More infomation & photos (My family & friends)    -    Author : Yolanda - China

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