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^_^ YOLANDA-H(--a Chinese girl)'s BLONG
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Nice to meet you everyone!
I'm a girl from China.You can call me Yolanda.
By the way,I was born in 1991.
I'm so happy to come to here and build up my own blog.
Will you make friend with me?
E-mail me now!I'm so happy to make more friends from all over the world.
I hope that we can help and comunicate with each other in the future!
Thank you!Goodbye!
His Chinese blog:

this is my favourite star.
he is such a lovely boy
His English name is Ray and Chinese name is Ma'tian'yu.
This is a photo of my mother and my neighbour aunt.
They are my love

Oh,I can't wait to show my life to you all.
It's so excited!
Are you interested in my life?
Make a friend!
I'm waiting for you!~

Everyone has his own way to go,so do we all...


WE shoud believe:

I'm a girl who am not so outgoing.but ,I need friend
If you can be my friend,you will find I'm not so shy.
And what about you?
are you a shy girl or boy too?
Or not?
Welcome to tell me!

This is my cousin(the right)and her classmate.
During these days,I'm in my summer holiday.We Chinese studends always have so much homework to do.I'll be in Grade12 in the following term.I will try my best to study in order to go to a pleasant university.And what about you,my friend?Emm,My elder brother Karl-z have given me much help and encouragement.I can't be too thankful to him.
And I love him so much.I hope he will pass the GRE successfully in August the 18th.
Elder brother,I believe in you.YOU CAN!
It's winter holiday now!
Spring Festival is coming!!!!!!!I'm so excited!!!

It's a night owl
it flied to my home!
So exciting!
this is my neighbour younger brother.He is so lovely!I like him very much!

he is smiling to you !Do you like him?

Oh,this is,this is a photo of my mother's family..
It's very old.They are my grandparents,my aunt,ancle and my mother.
It shows the appearance of 1970s' China.
I don't know why my dear brother didn't get online tonight.I miss him very much.

I am in college now,i want to have some foreign friend to chat in English.......where is my dear friend??
Brother Karl have told me that he may have no time to get online,yes,as a good younger sister I shoud understand him......
oh,,,2012 now.....karl hasn't contact me for about two years,where is my dear brother?
please wait for my updating~

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