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Ok, I will tell you about my Bella Sara cards now. I have a ton of cards. I might count them sometime. Anyways, my favorite cards are Bella, Halloween, Valkrist, and Anisinabe. I am such a huge fan of Bella Sara. Some of the extra rare cards I have are Halloween, Valkrist, Aluet, Jicarilla, and Zephyros. Some of the rare cards I have are Osage, Lakota, Laguna, Wichita, Triton, Pandora, Quinly, Ivy, and Hai Sheng. As I get more cards that I like I will update this page, but for now thats it. :D

This is Bella. I have this card but it is not rare. The Treasures cards look like this one. This is not my picture.
I have a few of the mini Bella Sara horses. The ones I have are Cindra, Anemone, and Scotty. They are fun to collect and come with a stand and a code that you enter on the website. I will add the names of the ones I have as I get them. :D

This is the first collection of the Bella Sara Mini Horses. The is not my picture once again.

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