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Hi, I'm going to tell you about my cat now. My cats name is Firestar (I got this name from a book.)and he is an orange tabby. I love to play with Firestar and he is very playful. Yet he is a pig at eating and he is very lazy. I love that he is a kitten, for you can dress him up in doll clothes and other small clothes. My favorite part is taking care of him. I love feeding and brushing him, but leave the poop to my mom! (lol.) I hope this helps you understand what he is like.
[picture not found]
This is not my picture but this is what my kitten looks like. :D
Updates On My Kitten

7/13/09 I just gave my kitten a bath about an hour ago and he is sleeping. I also made a bigger house for him

7/10/09 I just got my kitten a baby blue shirt with rhinestones yesterday. He loves is except for the fact that he slips out of it when playing. And the shirt is made for a dog, not a kitten. lol.

7/10/09 I just built my kitten a playhouse. Its red and light pink. I have material from my old shorts as curtains and I have a secret door on top. Though its not that secret. lol. I just finished setting it up on the end of my bed.

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