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Autum/Easter School holidays 2012
I really enjoyed the Autum 2012 holidays holidays what with all the horse riding involved and going away to see my cousin and Nanna and Poppa it was a good holiday even tho I did have to study for exams.

Here are the Highlights.

Week 2, Going to see my Nanna and Poppa

At the end of last week to the beginning of this week I went to see my Nanna and Poppa and my Cousin and her Mum and Dad down country. Me and my Mum were going their and we were going by plane. On Thursday morning last week we woke up early at 5 o'clock and we headed to the airport. When we arrived we got our tickets and then there was only three min before we were allowed to board our plane to take us to our destination. Once we had boarded the plane it took off and we were on our way to our destination.
When we arrived at our destination, my Nanna and Poppa were their to greet me and my Mum. We headed to their house and the afternoon basicly consicted of unpacking bags and reading.
The next day was probally the best part, going to see my cousin and her Mum and Dad. When we arrived there at their house they were there to greet us. Then the bit that I was waiting for began.
Me and my cousin headed off to see her pony Polly, my cousin was going to let me ride her while she rode another horse called Hieniken. So we arrived were the horses were and began tacking up, I tacked up Polly and my cousin tacked up Hieniken. Then once we had tacke dup the horses we got ready for riding by putting our helmets on and checking all the gear before we rode. Then we mounted and rode off down the road. It was very busey because their are lots of orchards there and that particular day they were picking. After we had rode down the rode we rode back and we trotted round in the paddok. My cousin taught me how to go on the right diaganal and I masterd it then and there. After that I did some canter, this was the hardest pat because I wasnt used to Polly and my cousin gave me a few tips. I canterd a few times but I kept losing control because I was accidentily giving mixed directions. I also neaded to use my leg alot more. So that was all and we untacked and put the horses away. What a fun day!
The day after I went with my cousin to see and maybe ride some other horses that she rides. When we arrived my cousin fetched the first horse from the paddok and I helped her tack the horse up, this horses name is "Fatty" he is a grand prix showjumper. Dont be fooled by his name, he is not Fat but he is very tall as you can imagine. My cousin rode him and then I got a little ride afterwards, as I say very big in comparison to the other horses I usualy ride. My cousin finished him and rode another horse with again me having a little ride at the end, this horses name is "Brodie" she is not a grand pix showjumper but a normall showjumping horse and a favourite of my cousins she is very nice to ride and just a bit smaller than Fatty. After all this my cousin untacked Brodie and we put her away in her paddok. We then packed up and went back to my cousins place. I then went to my Nanna and Poppas place and had lunch then my cousin drove to their house and picked me up and my Mum as well and we all went shopping. After that I came back exhusted!
On the last few days we visited other people and visited my cousin again. Then it was the day we had to leave to go home. I loved going to see my Nanna and Poppa and seeing my cousin and all the lovely people we also saw. I really had fun!

So thats all for now but I will update more in the next one or two days because I have something more to talk about! so look back here for more exiting things that im doing and until then. Dont forget if you want to comment, do it in the forum or fill in the online survey or even become my freind on Students of the World using the contact tab.

Week 2, Going For a Holiday Riding Lesson at the Riding school that I go to

Yesterday the day after I left my Nanna and Poppa to come back home, I went for a horse riding lesson at the riding school that I go to. Fist when I arrived my riding coach told me that I would be riding Charlie for that lesson, next I groomed and tacked up Charlie for the lesson. Charlie is a clydstayle cross quater horse by the way. After he was tacked up I headed to the paddok with the other riders because we were going to be riding in the paddok this time. The first thing we did was warm up for 10 min by walking for 5 min and then trotting for 5 min changing directions very often. Then we did lots of trotting and two point positions in trot. Then we were asked to canter one by one, I went first and i started trotting round in the arena, I couldnt get Charlie to Canter. All i could get out of him was a very fast trot. But after two laps of fast trotting I managed to get him to canter nicely for half of the paddok. Then I was asked to do it again and I canterd for the other half of the paddok. After I had finished it was the other riders turn.
Next my riding coach layed out some trot poles and we were asked to trot through them and do two point position once we had developed a good speed of trot. I did my good speed of trot and then did two point. Then my riding coach put up a small crossbar jump and we jumped it. Then my riding coach put up a small cavilete and we jumped that as well. Then my riding coach hightend the jump and bit more! I had a little difficulty getting the right speed of trot out of Charlie when he did that jump however it all worked out ok in the end. After that it was the end of the leson so I bought back Charlie to the yard and untacked and groomed where the saddle had been and then it was time to leave. I had a good time!

Thats the last update for this week, so if YOU have any comments submit them in the forum or fill in the online survey OR become my freind on Students of The World using the "Contact" button at the top of the page.

Oh but before you go heres a quote:

"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man" ~Winston Churchill

Week 1, Its Easter!

Well this week it is Easter time, today when I am typing this it is Easter Sunday. This year as usual evreyone seems to be buying Easter Eggs and choclate bunnys but I think sometimes we should stop being so greedy and think about the real meaning of easter of when the Lord Jesus Christ was curcified on a cross to wash away our sins. Some of you reading this will not understand this because it is a christian meaning and I am christian but you dont have to understand, its what me and other people as christians beleive.
But what I am always puzzeld about is why evreyone each year fills baskets up with easter eggs and choclate bunnys. I do think people get a bit greedy with this, this year I am eating more hot cross buns more than easter eggs since it symbolises what I belive.
Anyway back to me, I have been having a wonderfull easter chilling out and having fun at the same time because soon I will be on a plane to see my cousin. It has been a good easter.
Last Thursday was the last day of the school term and Wendsday and Thursday I must say were like running around like headless chickens! I always rekon that the last days of term are alway the busiest. Last week I peformed a Drama play to my perents and the other childrens perents who are in my class, as my whole class had to peforme a diffrent play that night at school, it was very nervouse and exiting at the same time. Our play was a cowboy play and even tho little things went wrong it was a good play.
The day after that we had a Roald Dahl play in our English class where evreyone had to dress up as a charicter from one of the books Roald Dahl wrote. I dressed up as Corkers from "Boy" wich is the novel we have been reading last term at school. We laso had to bring in food that looks disgusting but tastes nice I brounght in something called gloworm cake! It was a sponge cake with green icing on top and little jelly worms right on top.
Then that afenoon I had a blast riding in a horse riding lesson at the Riding school I go to. I rode Charlie this time and had a blast cantering and trotting over trot poles and doing flatwork in genral. I had a busy but fun last week of term! :-)

I will let you know what happens next week but until then, Bye! and dont forget to comment in the forum at the top of this page :-)

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