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Hi my name is Hugh I have created another website called The website for all horse and pony lovers

Here in this blog I will talk about the fun things im doing lately and lots of photos to and more! I will try to type about at least one fun thing each week, It will be updated weekly in each NZ school holidays.

PS: I have removed some old editions of my blog and deleted the gallery and made a page into horse jokes. To create more space to blog. I hope you dont you dont mind. these changes.

Winter 2012 Holidays

Its near the beginning of the winter holidays of 2012, this holidays like the last is going to be a blast. An adventurous holiday is ahead. Horse riding is in store as always as well as the highlight of the holidays a horse riding camp! Which I will be going my friend, we'll have a blast! As well as that there will be time to relax at home and make the most of the holidays without having to busy round like I have to in the school term.

So stay tuned and check my blog in about a weeks time and there will be update for you to enjoy reading :)

Week 1

Nothing very interesting happened this week, I have got ready for my horse riding camp and I will be going there tomorrow afternoon. This week I did lots of odd jobs around the house and a few Homework tasks that I had to do as well as relaxing. Its good to get things done and start the holidays in such a positive way but next weeks edition of my holiday blog will be action packed so stay tuned and dont forget to comment and/or fill in the survey if you want to. :-)

Week 2- Horse Camp

I have just come back home from horse riding camp. It was really fun and I rode a pony called Thunder who is an ex Kaimanawa horse.
He was a very nice pony although he sometimes was a bit norty and kicked other horses or people when they were trying to put his cover on. But he was a very good horse to ride despite all of that. But it was also good for me to get a more challenging pony so I could learn to be in more control.

We did some trekking and Thunder was well behaved then and as well as that we did lots of work in the arena including cantering, trotting, games, jumping and bareback ect. I even managed to face my fears and canter bareback as well!!! We also did lots of other activities like finding weeds that are harmful for ponies ect and pulling them out.

At the end of the camp. The show that was going to be done in front of the parents was canceld because of a serious downpour of rain but despite that being canceld we had many days of sun and many days of fun!

PS: The meals where lovely and I got to know lots of people in my cabin very quickly. :-)

Please comment in the forum or fill out the online survey if you want and until next week Good bye
Week 3- Last week, Last blog update for these holidays

This week was a sort of get things done type week where I got quite alot of things done, today I am going to get braces fitted and yesterday I had a blast with my friend Jack when he came over. Yesterday I also went for a horse riding lesson at the riding school I go to and did some jumping which was a little bit higher than I normally do. Over all this week has been a good one :)

This is the last update for this holiday and I will continue to update next holidays about lots more exiting things ive been doing.

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