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The Twilight Saga-
1 who was the first person Bella met when she moved to forks?
A Mike
B Jacob
C Jessica
D Edward
The Twilight Sage New Moon-
2 What was Bella so depressed about in new moon?
A Because Jacob was being mean.
B Because Jessica was mad at her.
C Because Charlie wanted to send her to Renee.
D Because Edward left.
The Twilight saga Eclipse-
3 Why did victoria want revenge on Edward?
A She didnt like him.
B She was jealous of him and Bella.
C Edward killed James Her only love.
D She dosent like the wolfpack.
The Twilight Sage Breaking Dawn Part 1-
4 Why does Bella drink blood?
A The blood keeps her alive.
B Bella's a vampire.
C Bella Like's the taste.
D Edward makes her.

The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn-
The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Staring Kirstin Stewart, Robert Pattinson,and Taylor launter.Talk about not being able to take your eyes off the screen.Jacob (Taylor Launter) betrays his own pack for the love of his life after finding out about her condition even though shes already married to Edward. The rest of the pack is set out to kill Bella's baby. Jacob, Seth and Sue betray sam to protect Bella from the rest of the pack.Many Viewer of this movie say Jacob has matured in many ways.Being able to to be in the same room with the cause of Bella's suppose dealth.Jacob Stood there through Bella's pregnacy and supported her even though inside he didnt want her to have the baby.Toward the end of the movie Bella goes into labor in the most painful way after seeing that i know what they mean when they say You can never un see something.In end the beautiful Renesmee Was born but at a cause Bella's dealth.Edward tried verything luckly in the end Bella Is alive and a Vampire.
Recomended-The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

Congratulations to the two winners of The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is a very violent but intrusting show. Children VS Children might be a bit of an exadration. In the beginning when they first entered the arena is when the violence really began. Im still confused of the fact of the love triangle i think is going on between Peeta Katniss and Gale. The creator of this Hunger Games are evil they trick her into thinking that they changed the rules and two people can win. Katniss and peta join. When they are the last two people they change the rules and say only one can win. They decide it's not fare and get berry's that could kill them and decided if there both dead there's no Victor. The creator’s of the Hunger Games let them both win. The two District 12 kids Katniss and Peta win the Hunger Games

Peeta And Katniss

Gale And Katniss

Who cant wait to see Fat And The Furious 6

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