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who was the first person Bella met when she moved to forks?
0   Mike
3   Jacob
0   Jessica
0   Edward

what was Bella so depressed about in new moon?
0   Because Jacob was being mean
0   Because Jessica was mad at her
0   Because Charlie wanted to send her to Renee
2   Because Edward left

why did Victoria want revenge on Edward?
0   Victoria dosent like him
0   Victoria was jealous of Bella and Edward
2   Edward killed james her only love
0   Victoria dosent like the wolfpack

why does Bella drink blood?
2   The blood keeps Bella alive
0   Bella's a vampire
0   Bella likes the taste
0   Edward makes her

Which is a Cuttest couple?
2   Jionni and Snooki
0   Vinny and Snooki
0   Pauly D and Vinny
0   Sammi and Ronni
0   jwoww and Pauly D

Who is Snooki cuter with
2   Jionni and Snooki
0   Pauly D and Snooki
0   Vinny and Snooki
0   She can do better

Which do you choose?
3   Peta
0   Gale

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